Fox Den Lane, Baby Carriers For the Homegrown Child
Out of the Baby Carrier and into the Blueberries

Home is where the heart is, or so it has been told.
Home is where the story of our family unfolds.
Here, our hope is reborn each morning in our children's faces
And forever-love is sworn each evening in their embraces.
Home is where we celebrate holidays, make snowmen
Forts and pancakes, perform puppet shows and pretend
Play hide-and-seek, read stories, and talk
Pick flowers and hold hands while we walk.
Home is where, with each child
We share of our lives.

We invite you to Fox Den Lane, our home and our family business, whose mission is to serve fellow mamas and daddies who want to keep their children close, to savor the time we have with them as they grow from wee little bundles to proud big brothers or sisters. We want to help you find the perfect baby carrier or baby sling that will provide a place of nurture and enjoyment for your Homegrown Child. We offer only the most comfortable, well-made, and safe Baby Carriers that we have found. Please come on in and take a good look. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are pleased to feature Baby Slings in a wide variety of fabrics from both EllaRoo and TaylorMade Slings. We also feature the sleek Italian-designed Patapum, which is becoming one of the most popular baby backpacks/soft structured carriers in the marketplace. Our comfortable Asian Baby Carriers (ABC's), the Mei Tai, Mei Hip, and Podaegi, are inspired by traditional baby carriers worn throughout different areas of Asia. And don't miss the beautiful and versatile baby carrier which started it all for us, the EllaRoo Wrap, hand-woven in Guatemala, or the soft and cuddly Moby Wrap.

Fox Den Lane Baby Carriers is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you are nearby and looking for a sensible, stylish way to be close to your little one while caring for the needs of your whole family, or if you have any questions about choosing one of our baby carriers or Toddler Carriers, then please contact us at or 423-505-0954. We can also arrange a private or group babywearing demonstration.