What does a damper do on a boiler?

A damper is a tiny piece of metal that we may adjust to change the quantity of air that enters a fire, boiler, or furnace. If the chimney is no longer in use, dampers are fitted in the pipe that connects a boiler to the chimney to block the flue gas passage. The flow safeguard conserves energy by preventing the installation room and heat generator from cooling.

They also act as an exhaust gas silencer if there are several fireplaces linked to the chimney, preventing the entrance of exhaust gasses from other fireplaces, such as in a cascade system. Here’s more information on what an HVAC damper does on a boiler.

What is the Use of a Damper in a Boiler?

If you don’t have a furnace to heat your home, it can have a boiler instead. Installing a flue damper might be advantageous no matter what boiler you have.

You must ensure that the gasses from the burned fuel can leave the house if your boiler operates by burning fuel. These vapours are often sent upward and out of the chimney. This passage is frequently left open at all times, which causes heat loss.

When a flue damper is installed, it will automatically open to allow gasses to escape and then shut to keep the heat from the boiler from escaping again.

Dampers and steam boilers

A damper is of utmost value when a steam boiler is placed in your home. These heating systems force steam into your home’s radiators via pipes.

The boiler will start operating when hot water is required to create steam. The radiator pipes already have air inside them when this procedure occurs.

A vent, such as a damper, is required for the air in the pipes to exit; it will automatically open and close when more air needs to be released.

What is a barometric damper?

Stove pipes, furnaces, and chimneys all include barometric dampers. It is employed to regulate airflow. Draft dampers are another name for barometric dampers.

Barometric dampers are useful for regulating the airflow in your boiler. The majority of boilers with category I vents include it.

You need to learn more about things like a draft in depth if you want to know anything more clearly. Every detail of a barometric damper will be explained in detail below, along with a brief reason for its utility.

A fireplace is one of the most crucial elements in preventing freezing and turning into a large stone of ice. Nothing could be worse than a damaged fireplace in freezing winter.

A chimney is necessary for ventilation since heat rises; hence a fireplace is primarily used to heat a space. Without enough ventilation, there is a significant risk to the user. And your chimney has a specific mechanism to aid in supplying enough ventilation. A barometric damper is thus utilized in this situation.

One of the components of your chimney is a barometric damper. The barometric damper relieves the pressure that has built up in the ducts of your chimney over time. When a fire breaks out, a barometric damper opens, allowing the fire to be put out before anything awful happens.

The significance of a barometric damper

Considering that we now know that a barometric damper is utilized to control the draft in your boiler. The performance of your fireplace is severely reduced when there is excessive drift within your boiler, which raises the expense of utilizing it. Additionally, an excessive drift is risky and might cause your chimney to get hotter than usual.

On the other hand, a very slight drift is equally risky and, in the worst scenarios, can lead to the formation of carbon monoxide.

Your chimney’s draft fluctuates greatly; even a small increase or reduction can be harmful. Air dampers manufacturers thus developed barometric dampers to discover a means to stabilize the chimney draft.


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