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5 Reasons To Design Granny Flat Studio

Do you wish your house to be bigger and more spacious? Or do you wish to have an additional income source? If these are all the questions in your mind, then it might be time for you to start thinking about a granny flat studio.

Granny flat studio could be one you were looking for but didn’t know its existence. Hence, if you are unaware of granny flat studio, then here in this article, we have put together a listicle of reasons to help you convince about building a granny flat studio for yourself.

What Is A Granny Flat Studio?

A granny flat studio is a small space built for one or two people to live and survive in them adequately. It can be a small part of your primary residence or an additional building that you could own. Furthermore, a granny flat can also be a small one-bedroom building or a studio apartment as per your choice. Additionally, it can even turn into an accessory dwelling unit, which is a self-contained area which all the amenities as per your requirement. Moreover, the flat would consist of a full-sized home, bathroom, and kitchen, all in compact sizes.

Reasons For Building A Granny Flat Studio

  •  Additional Income Source

If you wish to earn an extra income without exerting much effort, then choosing to build a granny flat studio might be an ideal choice for you. After creating a such property, you can easily rent it out and can earn extra income through it.

On the other hand, if you wish to occupy or live in a granny house, you can rent your primary home. As such, the granny flat will be within the boundaries of your main house so that you can keep a watch on it. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your rented property.

  •  Customizable

You can also seek the advantage of designing your house as per your preference. Though you might have thought customization would cost you extra bucks it wouldn’t. You are the one who would be in charge of the designs, materials, and additional upgrades of your granny flat studio from start to finish. Moreover, you can accordingly even control the cost of building and designing your flat.

granny flat studio

Also, it will help you stay clear of any hidden charges you might have to pay. Additionally, if you are still determining whether to get an already constructed house of your choice, then without much contemplation you should get a granny flat studio right now.

  •  Extra Space

Do you want to live in a big house that contains a lot of room? If that’s the case, then choosing to build a granny flat studio could be the ideal choice for you. On selecting this option, you wouldn’t only get more space but also extra room for yourself.

You can choose this place to write or create your artwork if you are an artist. In addition, you can use this space for your guests to keep them away from family affairs.

  •  Stay Connected With Family

Traditionally granny flat studios are meant for old age parents. Here, the elders can live with their families and younger ones, thereby having a chance to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Even more so, the granny flat studios can be turned into old age homes for elderly persons who don’t have anyone living in their family to take care of them. Hence, if they choose to live the rest of their life here, then they might be able to enjoy spending time with people of their age every day.

  •  Increases The Value Of Your Home

Not only can you gain extra money by renting your granny flat studio, but can also increase your home’s overall value. In addition, you will be able to pay your house’s mortgage, which could increase the depreciation deduction you previously claimed. Thus, your flat will become your earning source, thereby allowing you to take money from another income source available.


Granny flats are quite affordable, which provides you with more than sufficient space to live your life comfortably. Moreover, you can enjoy plenty of benefits if you choose to invest in a granny flat studio depending upon your choice.

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