Building Blocks For A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Most people believe that exchanging or trading cryptocurrencies is one of the finest methods to profit from them. For anyone looking to gain money, the fact that the value of the Bitcoin has increased by 10000% since its creation is highly profitable.

Trading exchanges make up the majority of the cryptocurrency industry, and they generate between 80 and 90 percent of all revenue. Many investors were able to gain enormous sums of money as a result of the 2017’s quick rise and the 2018’s instability.

The idea that cryptocurrencies are gradually encroaching on the world of conventional commerce may be exaggerated. Countries like Australia permit the use of Bitcoin for bill payments, while Malta has established itself as one of the top locations for conducting business in the cryptocurrency sector.

Given the development of cryptocurrencies, starting a cryptocurrency exchange would be a fantastic business idea for an enthusiast. But first make sure to hire a suitable Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company.

An explanation of cryptocurrency exchanges

As the name suggests, it is a platform where users may exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies at a set price established by market forces.

Different Forms of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Not every exchange is made equal! In the market, there are numerous varieties of cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Exchange for Administrator-User Cryptocurrency:

Users who lack considerable knowledge in purchasing or selling bitcoins would benefit from this form of trade. It includes an easy navigation function and a straightforward user interface. The communication between the user and the administrator happens instantaneously.

The exchange margins are where the profit is. If the price of Bitcoin is $10,000 right now, you can buy it from one person for $9500 and sell it to them for $10,500. Your profit is the difference of $1,000. The spread typically ranges from three to five percent of the going rate.

  • Peer to Peer Trading

While this sort of trade functions entirely and directly with the blockchain, it is somewhat comparable to an administrator-user exchange. The distinction is that there is no governing body. Buyers and sellers are connected directly through the transaction, which takes place between the users. The exchange fees that are gathered for each transaction are where the profit is found. Two excellent examples of this kind of exchange are Binance and Polonix.

  • Exchange for Decentralized Cryptocurrencies

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges run exclusively on blockchain technology. As the name suggests, there is no central authority to control exchange-related activity. Decentralized exchanges come in a variety of forms, including on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain.

Exchanges may be completely decentralised or only partially so. It has some blockchain technology in place. The registration module and the wallet module are typically decentralised. A higher level of security is provided by decentralisation because no money is kept in the system. However, the exchange only offers a small number of capabilities.

  • Currency Exchange Using Leverage and Margin Trading

It is a recent trend that has been drawing interest from some people. Margin trading on cryptocurrency exchanges enables you to draft financial contracts. Profits rise in line with risk thanks to this. The target demographic is tiny, and there aren’t many companies in this market.

There are some things to keep in mind before selecting a bitcoin exchange.

The Architecture of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange is meant to serve only as a platform for buyers and sellers. There are various architectures that can be used to run the operation.

1) Monolith 

A single server that houses the wallets, transactions, accounts, and management. Unsuitable for managing large user volumes.

2) Modular 

Consisting of manageable modules for each function, usually housed on different servers.

3) Distributed

Consists of independent modules with several submodules. The database can be spread across several servers. Performance levels are inversely correlated with quality and maintenance efforts.

Any bitcoin exchange should be scalable. Increasing server capacity, script optimization, or module recoding can do this.

The Important Characteristics of a Cryptocurrency Exchange

The following characteristics must be present in any bitcoin exchange:

  • A graphic user interface
  • Module wallets
  • Liquidity
  • Trading engine
  • Private administrative system

Each design has a different set of benefits and drawbacks, therefore it’s critical to establish your objectives before starting to build a bitcoin exchange. Models frequently interact with one another inside. In the current environment, JSON format is the most efficient format for API connectivity and data transmission.

One of the most crucial components of the bitcoin exchange is the back end. The operations and calculations are passing through central scripts in this area, which serves as the brain of the entire system.

The Graphic User Interface

It must be acknowledging that the end user is not very interesting in the intricate coding required to create the core. An easy-to-use front end is what counts to them. The website must be suitable with mobile displays due to the growing number of smartphone users. Making an application might not be mandatory at first, but as time goes on, it would be a smart move to build apps for the two most popular mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.


The wallet comprises of two components: a fiat wallet and a cryptocurrency wallet. It enables the deposit and withdrawal capabilities of the currencies that are being trading to be connecting to blockchain.

Your wallet can be integrating in a variety of ways with traditional banking. Direct bank transfers are available in manual mode, while Visa or MasterCard services are available in automatic mode. Direct bank account deposit of the funds occurs.


One of the most crucial components of any exchange, including conventional stock exchanges, is liquidity. The size of the order book is a good indicator of how busy your stock exchange is. In the same vein, in order to provide liquidity, the cryptocurrency exchange must display something akin to an order book.

You have the option of using a liquidity provider or using bots to replicate trade activity on the exchange. The first choice would result in higher costs for your company and maybe poor client satisfaction.

Trade Engine

The heart of your exchange is the trade engine. It ties buyers and sellers together. The trade engine has a direct impact on the exchange’s performance and speed. You can place stop-limit and stop-loss orders with some systems. Traders with experience favour them.

Private Administration System

The exchange’s command centre is the private administrative system. The person in charge should have access to all the necessary information as an owner or administrator and be able to manage users, transactions, wallets, and supporting tasks like KYC and AML. You can even provide responsibilities to additional users with restricted permissions if necessary and based on the user base of your exchange.

Protecting Your Crypto Exchange

Security is the top priority for any system that deals with large amounts of money. Most hackers attempt to use a variety of techniques to undermine the ecosystem’s security. Among them are:

1) By hacking the admin panel, the attacker gains complete control of the system. However, multi-factor authentication can stop this from happening. Utilizing a combination of cold storage and hot storage wallets is an additional strategy for protecting the money.

2) Hacking a specific user – while this vulnerability may not widen the exchange as much as hacking an administrator user, it is still present. Multi-factor authentication for users would be beneficial, much like it is for the administrator panel.

3)  Social engineering, which is among the easiest and most likely to occur. If you accidentally or willfully disclosed your wallet’s access credentials, the system won’t be much assistance. The easiest way to protect yourself from these attacks is to be aware that even the smallest amount of information could allow access to your wallet’s hidden compartment.

4) Hacking the server is one of the most profitable ways for a hacker to access enormous sums of money. The easiest method to prevent these attacks is to spend money on a reputable service.

Wrapping Up

Good things require time to develop. The development of software for bitcoin exchanges from scratch that has excellent functionality will also take a lot of time. You require good advice from an experienced cryptocurrency exchange software development business in the blockchain area if you want to create a tamper-proof exchange solution from the ground up.

Currently, there are a tonne of imposters claiming to be the best software providers on the cryptocurrency market. Be wary, then! Conduct your own market research and establish contact with a seasoned development company that can turn your ideal exchange into a reality.

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