5 Tips on Choosing a Gift for Loved Ones

Gift giving is not just simply wrapping up a present and physically giving it to someone. It’s a meaningful sign that shows your love and well-wishes for the recipient. Sometimes, the pressure to give the perfect gift to a loved one that’s also a new parent can be so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin and look. But the five tips in this article will make gift giving that much easier and stress-free.

1. Be interested in what they’re interested in.

When you think of a specific loved one, you’re most likely aware of their passions and interests. Trying to figure out the right gift based on their interests may require a little research on your part, but it will be worth it when you see their faces light up as they recognize your gift. For example, for a newbie dad who’s into hiking, a child carrier that’s both lightweight and compact can be great gift options. A little interest in your loved one’s interests and a quick online search can make choosing a gift a piece of cake. Who knows? Maybe it will be an activity that you will like, too!

2. Think of your treasured and most memorable moments with them.

Gifts don’t just have to be presents that show you’ve thought of your loved ones on their special day, but they can also be a good way to remember the great memories you’ve had with them. It can be a framed photo that you took of them on your first overseas trip together. You can also give them an experience instead of a physical gift. For new parents, having alone time can be a logistical problem but not impossible. If you want to give your significant other a memorable experience, then it’s time to call in a trusted friend or babysitter. You can recreate your memorable moments, whether it’s a romantic drive-in cinema date where you had your first kiss or a trip back to the place where you exchanged your “I do’s.” A simple trip down memory lane can be a valuable gift that you two can enjoy before driving back and tucking your kid into bed.

3. Consider their personality and lifestyle

You can also curate gift boxes for your loved ones depending on their lifestyle and personality. Again, this may require a little research, but you’ll be sure that the items in the gift box are essential items they will appreciate and really use. For moms who are busy with taking care of babies or toddlers, you can curate an at-home spa day gift box that they can whip out whenever their kids are away in dreamland (aka naptime). Fill the spa gift box with products like herbal tea, scented candles, bath bombs, essential oils, and more. You’ll be gifting them with something that will allow them to have pockets of much-needed and well-deserved relaxation throughout their day. For your friend that’s always in front of the screen while balancing remote work and childcare, you can create a mental break gift box that they can use to give both their eyes and mind a break. You can include timed water bottles, eye drops, and calming room spray.

4. Personalize your gifts.

Nothing says, “I got this just for you.” better than a gift with your loved one’s initials or name on it. There are many stores that can customize just about anything, from sustainable products for babies like play sets, onesies, and even cribs. And it’s not just about adding a name but making sure your gift is something essential that they can use or consume, like a personalized diaper bag for new parents or engraved wine bottles with the wedding date and names of your newlywed friends.

5. Make sure to stay within budget.

Perhaps the most important tip to keep in mind is to stay within your budget. A gift doesn’t have to be extravagant and expensive to make an impact. As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” Make sure that you’re not spending beyond your means to show your loved ones your appreciation and affection. While your budget may be limited, the possibilities are not. You can find excellent and high-quality deals everywhere: malls, your neighborhood shops, and different e-commerce platforms. If you have the extra time and creative chops, you can even DIY your gifts to stretch your budget and add a more personal touch. A scrapbook with your most memorable photos and little notes here and there is a great example. If you’re able, you can use your knitting skills to make a one-of-a-kind baby blanket.


Keep these tips in mind and your loved one will feel your sincerity when you give them a gift that you’ve put your thoughts and heart into. Having said that, showing your love and appreciation isn’t limited to gift giving but also with daily interactions. So don’t be pressured into giving the “best gift ever” and instead focus on doing your best to show your loved one that you treasure them every day. But of course, a thoughtful gift every holiday and birthday doesn’t hurt either! For more awesome read, feel free to check our site

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