7 Tips for Buying Soccer Jersey

If you enjoy soccer, you may want to buy a soccer jersey for your practice sessions. Although it is not a difficult task, if you choose the wrong one, you can harm your performance. As a result, make certain that the product you purchase includes all of the necessary safeguards. Aside from that, it should be adaptable and secure enough for you. In this article, we will shed light on some important factors to consider before making a decision.

Before you consider the main factors, discard the notion of getting low-cost items. Because when you wash cheap men’s soccer jerseys, they tend to shrink, tear, or rip. As a result, if you want to save money, we recommend that you buy a good product.

Now, let’s look at the main things you should think about before you buy soccer uniforms.

Make A Budget in Advance

First and the foremost thing to consider is to make a budget plan. Soccer jersey enthusiasts usually overlook and underappreciate this piece of advice. However, it is critical to plan ahead of time and save money for the jersey you want to purchase. This is especially important if you intend to purchase expensive authentic designs.

Football clubs have been known to see an increase in demand for specific jersey designs after the release. Therefore, the price of jerseys on the open market rises.

Pre-ordering can save you time as well as money but remember that there are limited slots.


Second, comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when you buy sports gear. If you’ve ever played football, you remember how uncomfortable the old equipment was. Men’s soccer jerseys were stiff, starched, and unadaptable. So, consider the comfort of your young soccer players. Apparel with harsh labels, ragged seams, and poorly stitched garments make you feel itchy, irritated and tightened. This, in turn, makes it impossible for players to focus, therefore, you should avoid such sports apparel. Instead, choose a fine garment that is soft on the skin, wicks away sweat, and promotes proper body ventilation.


Furthermore, after the comfort, you need to consider how fashionable the soccer jersey appears. When you enter the opposing team’s court, you must make a good first impression. You don’t want the opposing team to make fun of you when your team wears jerseys. Demonstrate to your competitors and potential sponsors that you take your appearance seriously.

Note The Difference in Brands

Another thing that makes a difference in the men’s soccer jersey is the brand. If you identify the brand that makes the most comfortable uniforms, you would find it easy to buy the right jersey. Different football clubs have partnerships with various shirt brands. As a result, a Nike club jersey would include features that a PUMA jersey would not, and vice versa.

Some brands make their jerseys in a snugger fit than others. Authentic jerseys comprise more durable materials than replicas, so keep this in mind. If you look closely, you can always tell the difference between an authentic and a replica.


High-quality jerseys are typically made from seamless, lightweight materials. Some of them have mesh side panels to improve airflow. As a result, you don’t perspire much during the game. Furthermore, the lightweight fabric should be soft against your skin. It should not itch or irritate you in any way.

Soccer jerseys typically contain nylon and polyester. These two elements are extremely effective at absorbing sweat. Therefore, you won’t have to play in a drenched uniform. Aside from that, this fabric is long-lasting and resistant to fading.


Make sure your desired product is the right fit for your body before you purchase it. Even if you wear the most technologically advanced jersey, it will be useless if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

To put it another way, get a soccer jersey that is neither too tight nor too loose. It should fit you comfortably and allow free movement. Although football jerseys are form-fitting, make sure you choose one that does not pinch you. Rather, it should provide you with complete mobility.

You should check your measurement before you decide to buy the final product. Obtain a measuring tape or have a tailor measure you. This statistic can assist you in determining your jersey size.

For those who have bulky bodies, the ideal fit is more than just the jersey size that fits their arms. Be aware of the effects of shrinkage when checking the measurement.

How Do You Take Measurements for A Proper Jersey Fit?

Though it takes a little time to get the right measurements. To get an accurate sense of your dimensions, all you need is a tape measure and about five minutes (or less). When you measure for the right jersey fit, there are four areas to consider:

Chest – Wrap the tape around under the arms and measure the player’s chest at its widest point.

Waist – Measure around the narrowest part of your waist. Typically, this is the small of the back where the body bends sideways. Maintain the tape’s horizontal position.

Hips – Wrap the tape around the widest part of the player’s hips, also make sure it is horizontal.

Inside seam – Measure from the crotch to the point on the shoe where the player typically wears their pants.

With these measurements in hand, you can consult the sizing chart to make a more informed decision. Keep in mind that you can order a size up or down. But always give preference to comfort.

Common Soccer Jersey Fits

Slim fits – Soccer jerseys that have a snug fit against the body and may even feel a little tight.

Athletic fits – those men’s soccer jerseys that are neither too tight nor too baggy.

Loose fits – Soccer uniforms with wider sleeves or lower necklines.

A sportswear fit usually has little effect on its physical size. However, it is a matter of comfort.

So, a men’s XL slim-fitted jersey may not feel as comfortable as an athletic one. A player with broad shoulders, for example, may prefer an athletic fit to avoid discomfort. Of course, if you feel at ease, it would eliminate distractions that could impair performance.

Finally, the best way to determine a jersey’s fit is how it feels when you put it on. If you do not need to adjust it on your body, it is probably the right fit. The inverse is also true.

Soccer Jersey with Logo

The uniform represents your team’s spirit and morale, therefore the placement of logos and numbers on your uniform is critical. Before you go shopping, make sure you understand the soccer team uniform guidelines. These rules may differ from one league to another. But they are very beneficial to make your team look its best.

Even though soccer jerseys differ from other sportswear in many ways, there are some general rules for positioning logos. First, sew the brand name, team name, or club logo on the front or center of the shirt. Use the legible size and font of the numerals. Along with this, neutrals colors are best to use for logos. Finally, the figure must stand at least eight inches tall.

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