A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Seafood in Arlington, TX

If you’re a seafood lover in Arlington, TX, then you’re in for a treat. The city has a diverse and vibrant food scene, with some of the best seafood restaurants in the area. From fresh catches of the day to seafood boils and more, there’s something for everyone.

In this foodie’s guide, we’ll explore the best seafood restaurants in Arlington TX, with Red Crab Juicy Seafood taking the top spot.

Red Crab Juicy Seafood: The Best Seafood in Arlington, TX

Signature Dishes: Red Crab Juicy Seafood is known for its seafood boil, which is a popular Cajun-style dish that combines shrimp, crab, crawfish, and other seafood with corn, potatoes, and a blend of spices. The restaurant also offers a range of other Cajun-inspired dishes, such as jambalaya, gumbo, and etouffee.

Quality Ingredients: One of the reasons why Red Crab Juicy Seafood stands out is because of its commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients. The seafood is delivered daily and is always cooked to order, ensuring that every dish is as fresh and flavorful as possible.

Friendly Atmosphere: In addition to its delicious food, Red Crab Juicy Seafood also offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant has a casual, laid-back vibe that makes it the perfect spot for a fun night out with friends or family.

The Fish Place

Variety of Seafood: Fish Place is a great spot for seafood lovers, as it offers a wide variety of fresh fish, shellfish, and other seafood options. Some of the most popular dishes at The Fish Place include grilled salmon, shrimp scampi, and crawfish etouffee.

Affordable Prices: One of the biggest draws of Fish Place is its affordable prices. Despite offering high-quality seafood dishes, the restaurant manages to keep its prices reasonable, making it a great option for budget-conscious diners.

Cozy Setting: Fish Place has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with warm lighting and comfortable seating that makes it the perfect spot for a casual dinner or lunch.

Bayou Cat Seafood Restaurant

Cajun-Inspired Dishes: Bayou Cat Seafood Restaurant specializes in Cajun-inspired seafood dishes that are bursting with flavor. Some of the most popular menu items include crawfish pie, shrimp and grits, and the catfish po’boy.

Live Music: One of the unique features of Bayou Cat Seafood Restaurant is its live music performances. The restaurant regularly hosts local musicians, adding to its lively and fun atmosphere.

Outdoor Patio: The restaurant also offers an outdoor patio area where diners can enjoy their meals while soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. The patio is a great spot for a leisurely lunch or dinner with friends or family.

Aw Shucks Oyster Bar

Oyster Selection: As its name suggests, Aw Shucks Oyster Bar specializes in oysters, offering a wide variety of fresh and delicious options. The restaurant also serves other seafood dishes, such as shrimp cocktails and seafood gumbo.

Happy Hour: One of the best times to visit Aw Shucks Oyster Bar is during its daily happy hour, which runs from 3-7 pm. During this time, diners can enjoy discounted drinks and appetizers, making it a great spot for a casual after-work drink or snack.

Friendly Staff: The staff at Aw Shucks Oyster Bar are known for their friendly and welcoming demeanor, adding to the restaurant’s laid-back and fun atmosphere.

Fish City Grill

Seafood Selection: Fish City Grill offers a wide variety of seafood options, including fish tacos, shrimp and grits, and blackened catfish. The restaurant also serves non-seafood options, such as burgers and salads.

Unique Atmosphere: Fish City Grill has a unique and quirky atmosphere, with colorful decor and playful touches throughout the restaurant. The atmosphere is fun and lively, making it a great spot for a casual meal or a night out with friends.

Sustainable Practices: Fish City Grill is committed to sustainability


Whether you’re in the mood for seafood boils, Cajun-inspired dishes, or fresh catches of the day, Arlington has something for everyone. Red Crab Juicy Seafood stands out as the best seafood restaurant in the city, with its succulent seafood and signature seafood boil.

But Flying Fish, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, and Boiling Crab are also worth a visit for their unique and delicious seafood offerings. No matter where you go, you’re in for a seafood experience like no other in Arlington.

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