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Best Space Manage By TV Repair Service Expert

TV Repair Service is an art. Only technical person and experts can handle every kind of it’s trouble. The television is one of the main elements in the room along with the sofa and coffee table. Sometimes it can hinder the decor and harmony of the house because of its design and size. However, thanks to a few useful tips, it is possible to organize your TV corner in an effective and beautiful way. Here are some decorating ideas for TV units.

Setting Up A TV Channel: 

TV Repair Service expert can handle your TV channels settings and also they can make some arrangements. Whenever you think about the decoration of your TV corner or the arrangement of your decorative items. In fact, for your television space to quiet, you have to think: The best place for the television: whether you want to install your television in the living room or in the bedroom, you must make the corner and the wall is high. your bedroom. Placing your TV against the wall, or even hooking it to the wall, will make it easier to use the space around it.

 Distance From The Sofa: 

To watch your favorite movies properly, your sofa should place at a distance from the TV, not too close or too close. As a general rule, the 30 rule must respect (the television screen must have about 30 ° of the field of vision). For a 55″ (139 cm) TV, so you have to allow 2 to 3 m. Proximity of space: to avoid disturbing views of the television while watching your activities, remember not to place the television facing the window. 

TV Area Of Dining Room: 

Our TV Repair Service experts can make your TV room with full design advice for your dining room. If you want to do so, you may consult with experts. Once you have decided where your television and sofa are, all you have to do is save all the space around it. Here are a few tips.

Design Of A Small Room: 

If you want to continue the development of a small house, especially if you live in a house with two rooms or in a studio, you will a smart person. For your space to smaller and warmer, we invite you to choose a low-quality TV cabinet with small dimensions. Choose a piece of furniture that is no frills and has some storage to get more storage space for your hi-fi devices, your DVDs, your CDs, etc. Our TV cabinet fits perfectly in small spaces due to its small size and its many storage spaces, sometimes hidden, sometimes visible. A two-tone kiosk is also a good choice for your TV corner. Due to the open niches and its metal frame, it will bring a nice touch to your interior.

To get light in your small room, you can also hang your television on the wall and choose a piece of furniture. TV repair service offers you the Chaud Dedans television station with its black and yellow shelves. However, your wall will have to long enough to accommodate all the storage modules. 

Design Of Your Main Living Room: 

Creating a large living room-dining room is often easy, because you have enough space to show all your desires. Therefore, you can allow yourself to introduce the television into a large library to get a lot of storage space for DVDs, CDs, books and decorations. The book case can open for a very warm side or closed for more sense and design. With this in mind, we have created a Privé TV cabinet with a low section in light wood where you can keep your TV and which has a storage drawer. On the upper side, the cabinet offers several white lacquered cabinets, all without handles for a soft and elegant effect.


If your living room is open to the kitchen and you have chosen a black and wood kitchen by TV repair service, we offer a Chaud Business unit. The lower cabinet is large enough to accommodate a large room and offers plenty of cupboards and drawers for storage. In your open living room and kitchen, you can also play with your TV cabinet to limit the space. For this, TV repair service has created several collections, such as the TV company. A large piece of furniture provides storage for your food in the dining room and a cupboard for all your HI-FI equipment in the living room. This gray and white furniture has closed storage without handles for a modern look. 


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