Why opt for CAT Online Coaching?

The Common Admission Test (CAT Exam) is one of India’s most competitive MBA entrance exams. The exam is typically scheduled for November each year. With lakhs of students sitting for the exam each year, aspirants must be well-prepared to crack it. While traditional coaching institutes are still popular among students, CAT online coaching has become a game-changer in recent years. The opportunities that CAT online coaching offers are unique and compelling. In this article, we will discuss CAT online coaching and its benefits.

What is CAT Online Coaching?

CAT online coaching is a form where students can prepare for the CAT exam from home. The coaching is conducted through online classes, recorded lectures, tests, and doubt-solving sessions. The online coaching institutes provide study material, mock tests, and other resources that help students prepare.

Benefits of CAT Online Coaching:

Convenience and Flexibility:

One of the most significant benefits of online coaching is that it offers convenience and flexibility. Students can prepare at their own pace and time, which is impossible in traditional coaching. With online coaching, students can access lectures and study material anytime and anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This allows students to manage their time effectively and balance their studies with other activities.


Personalised Learning:

Online coaching provides personalised learning to students. Each student has a distinct learning pattern and pace, and online coaching can cater to each student’s needs. Students can access lectures and study material according to their level of understanding, and they can also ask doubts and queries of the faculty. This helps students to learn at their own pace and achieve their goals.



Online coaching is more cost-effective than traditional coaching. Students do not have to pay for travel expenses, accommodation, or other expenses from attending conventional coaching classes. Moreover, online coaching institutes offer various packages that students can choose from, depending on their budget and requirements.


Access to Experienced Faculty:

Online coaching provides students access to experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Students can interact with the faculty and get their doubts cleared, which is not possible in traditional coaching. Online coaching institutes also provide recorded lectures by renowned faculty members, which students can access anytime.


Mock Tests and Analysis:

Online coaching institutes provide students with regular mock tests and analyses, which is crucial for their preparation. Mock tests help students to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and they can work on them accordingly. Online coaching institutes also provide analysis and feedback on mock tests, which help students to improve their performance.


Online coaching saves a lot of time for students. Students do not have to travel to attend coaching classes and can study from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, online coaching institutes provide recorded lectures, which students can access anytime. This helps students to save time and utilise it effectively in their studies.


Hitbullseye’s CAT Coaching

We have created online courses for CAT exam preparation while considering the needs of different categories of applicants. The courses provide study material created by our experts and cover every topic on the CAT exam Syllabus. Also, we provide you with a course trial through temporary free access. You can choose the course you wish to enrol in after you feel comfortable with it. The following are the primary characteristics of our online CAT coaching programme:

Online Sessions

Interactive live lectures are held to provide conceptual clarity on all of the key CAT exam topics. You can select the weekday or weekend batch times based on your preferences.


Smart Delivery Model

Students can access a pre- and post-class learning system as part of our 2+2 academic delivery strategy. As a result, tests and assignments are given to students both during and after class. This is followed by prompt feedback from the faculty. 


Doubt Sessions

Every concept lecture is succeeded by a doubt session, which promotes quicker question resolution and improved learning.


Big Bull Ki Pathshala

Toppers, top college alums, and business professionals give special live sessions on tactics and techniques. These meetings take place, typically every 15 days.


Comprehensive Study Material

Each chapter of the course comes with a range of study materials, including ebooks, assignments, recorded video lectures, and more. The videos and classes can be watched as many times as you like. In addition to academic information, you will learn about shortcuts, strategies, and recommendations for various CAT question types.


Full-length, Sectional, and Topic-Wise Mock Tests

You can take sectional and chapter-based practise tests in addition to the full-length mock tests at the national level to obtain a grip on each topic. Every exam has a thorough report showing where you are strong and where you need work. Also, you receive a national-level percentile to show you where you rank compared to other candidates.


Personalised Mentoring

We offer personalised mentoring and round-the-clock support to help you learn beyond the traditional classroom setting. You can connect with other aspirants and our mentors in our 24×7 discussion groups. Subsequently, for expert advice and B-Schools counselling, you can also enrol in our online GDPI courses and groups. Our students receive one-on-one guidance throughout their preparation process.


To obtain more details about the CAT 2023 and CAT 2024 preparations, you shall visit Hitbullseye’s official website. They offer a variety of programmes for CAT exam preparation. Hitbullseye’s expertise in the field is visible through its students’ results. Therefore, consider enrolling for CAT online coaching at Hitbullseye. Learn from the best to be a cut above the rest.

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