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Are you aware that there are around 400,000 plant species worldwide? These plants bring forth a variety of flowers in different colours, shapes and sizes. Exploring the fascinating world of flowers is simply magnificent to say the least. The charming variety is such that there’s something that fascinates everyone to be precise. While some may like roses, there are others who love lilies and some who adore gerberas. No matter who likes what, flowers have always been a popular choice of gifts. Even in the contemporary times, people buy flowers online from time to time to drop in colourful surprises for their loved ones.

Are you in the mind to send fragrant flowers online to your loved ones? Is it that you are a little confused about finding the best picks? Interested to know about the most popular flowers of all time? Well, if the answer is yes, then, today’s blog is for you. Here are some of the best-selling flowers of all time highlighted as under that are complete charmers:


No flower in the world is as renowned as the rose. Most people are lovers of roses more or less. Well, exceptions are always there. It is commonly belief that the popularity of roses is connected to its association with love and affection. There is a popular fixation to choose roses as the best gift for our friends and family. Roses come in a variety of colours and each colour comes with a specific significance to put it precisely. Valentine’s season works up a huge demand for roses. Roses can be gifted anytime and to anyone to express love in the most beautiful manner.


Lilies are known to bear a lot of time when these are used for floral arrangements. The lilies are pure and pristine flowers that are known to bring in a sense of tranquillity to be precise. It come in a variety of colours. It comes with guiltless white buds that are known not to open until following an entire week. Lilies work as the best flowers to express empathy. A bunch of white lilies is the most preferred choice to express condolences at the hour of grief.


This vibrant flower type is known to lessen the levels of anxiety and discomfort. There’s a certain brightness about this flower that seems to lessen the grim moments of life. It is a kind of happy go lucky flowers that helps one hope even in the most difficult moments to put it precisely. Gerberas can be gifted on all special occasions and works wonders as the best get well soon flowers online.


In addition to roses, this is the most popular flower for the expression of love. The delicate charm of carnations is such that it gets difficult to express through words. The delicate and soft petals is truly beautiful to say the least. Carnations can also be gifted on different occasions like, birthdays, anniversary and any other special occasion. It can simply be sent to a loved one to make him/her feel loved on any ordinary day of life.


Orchids work as a top-selling flower of the contemporary times. It is a flower with an exotic charm to be precise. The best part about gifting orchids is that it is a flower that lasts for a long span to be precise. It can be gift on many a occasions and to all the orchid lovers in your life. It comes in vibrant hues and is a classy and sophisticated choice of flower to say the least.

So, what are you waiting for? Send flowers to Ahmedabad, or any other location in the country. Celebrate those who make your life beautiful with these most popular flowers of all time!


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