Hotel Booking & Flight Reservation For Visa Application

The prerequisites for obtaining a visa, without which the applicant cannot receive a visa, are dummy hotel booking and flight reservations. Flight and hotel reservations for a Schengen visa are necessary for two ways. First, they indicate how responsible the applicant is towards his application. Second, they make the process smooth for the visa officer.

What Link Does It Have With The Visa Officer? 

Numerous visa applications are going on the surge that the visa officer has to deal with. He wishes to have applications which are smooth and fulfilling. If the applicant submits both of these documents with the visa application, it makes it easier for the visa officer to grant the visa by keeping the dates in front, as the applicant has given on the flight reservation.

If the flight reservations and dummy hotel bookings are made before the time the visa application enables the process to go smoothly, avoiding any inconvenience.

Why Do Travellers Need Dummy Hotel Booking And Flight Reservations?

The planning for the trip is both demanding and exhilarating. The traveller may experience unrest as a result. Hence, managing and organising everything in advance prevents the traveller from experiencing disarray.

Flight reservations are necessary for the visa process. For flight reservations, the applicant has to make half payment, and for the temporary period, the dates are booked for the applicant. In case when the applicant is not sure whether he will be receiving the visa or not, making a flight reservation is the safer side.

Moreover, flight reservations enable the applicant to prepare his mindset with dates and wrap up his packing for the trip. The validity of flight reservations lasts between ten to fifteen days. Once the applicant receives his visa, he must pay in full.

If, in any case, the issuance of a visa is facing any delay because of the flight reservation, the applicant can save half his money. Flight reservation is also known as dummy ticket. So any of these terms are used for flight reservations, the applicant must not confuse himself.

Dummy hotel booking is another name for the proof of accommodation. The applicant has to make reservations just like flight reservations. The only difference is here, the applicant has to book the hotel and make half the payment for the duration of the stay.

Making dummy hotel bookings earlier let the visa officer know about the visa applicant’s plan. The procedure is the same as for the flight reservation. If the applicant makes a reservation for the stay during his trip, he reserves the hotel he desires to stay in on the exact dates he has planned for his trip.

At the same time, the officer indicates that the applicant is responsible and has made the necessary arrangements for his trip. Another essential element that it highlights is that applicants will stay within the Schengen areas after the due dates.

Other important documents for the Schengen visa application, apart from dummy hotel booking and flight reservations, are as follows:

  • Passport and Photographs (They have to be recent, and the applicant must check the validity of the passport before submitting)
  • Cover Letter (necessary for every category of visa application)
  • Educational documents and certificates
  • Travel Insurance
  • The applicant has to submit any supporting documents which are necessary for the visa application.

Applicants applying for visas must read the form carefully and fill in all the fields. Submitting the documents per size and format as the application demands is necessary.

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