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5 Important Things Consider When Buying Up A Property

In and out of the season, it is essential to be prepared to purchase properties. When a fantastic opportunity presents itself in the future, you’ll know when it’s time.When that day arrives, you’ll be in a position to get a great deal.

The process of buying a property isn’t as simple as you believe it to be. Apart from the ever-present battle, it is essential to be prepared with the right tools to ensure that you get the house you’ve been searching for.

If you think buying homes is difficult, then you should think again. Actually there are people who have done it by using just the fingertips. With the help of the tricks we’ll give you through this piece, you will certainly find the Gambia houses you’ve always wanted in no time!

 The Location

A major aspect to take into consideration when purchasing an investment property is the area. The location is just as crucial as the cost of buying property in Gambia. You may not realise it, but the location can affect how you live your life later on.

Imagine purchasing a home away from civilization, how do you imagine finding an easy route to get there? If you bought a property with an excellent security system You will surely feel at ease and at ease every day.

When you are buying a property First, determine what property should be located that is most suitable for your needs.


Location is just as important as the neighbourhood. If you are visiting the location be sure to check the condition of the neighbourhood , and make sure you are not in conflict with them. It is crucial to feel comfortable alongside your fellow residents. If not, it could be regrettable at the final.

Perhaps you can talk to the residents during your visit and inquire about the people who live in the area. Maybe they will provide more information about the area and the people living in the area. They might even tell you how convenient and safe the region is.


When you are considering buying property, you cannot not ask questions about the cost. Price is probably the most important factor for the majority of buyers.

Property prices are high, which is why the majority of potential buyers will want to know more about it. Therefore, if you’re an individual who plans to buy a houses for sale in Gambia Africa it is important to ensure that the price is the right one for you!

Make sure you have your budget in advance of time in your planning. Take a look at the available options and select the one that best suits your budget and needs.

If the price is excessive for you, that’s fine! There are still plenty of listings available.

Get A Real Estate Agent

If you are unable to find the home you’ve always wanted Don’t be discouraged now. How better to go about it than find an expert real estate agent who can assist you?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate a property, particularly when you have other obligations to take care of. It is best to leave the work to an experienced realtor. They are experts that are familiar with the entire process and they are at your side whenever you require them most.

With the assistance of an agent in real estate The entire process can be quicker and you’ll be able to secure the best price right away!

The Size Of The Property

Last but not least, you need to locate the right property to meet the size of your requirements. There are a variety of sizes to pick from, so it is important to ensure that the space available to you won’t be too big or small to be manageable.

The size of your property will depend on your invest in Gambia size. If you’re a huge household, then a larger size might be the best however, a smaller home will suffice.

When purchasing a home when you purchase a property, it is essential to be extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date. Prices change frequently as well as there is fierce competition that is always present. When you look at these guidelines you will surely find property that is worth every cent you spend.

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If You Are Thinking Of Purchasing A Property, Cyprus Is A Country To Consider

If you’re considering buying a home, Cyprus has a lot to provide. Of course, the beautiful climate is among the first things people consider. However, there are also the relaxed lifestyle and the warm ocean to take a dip in, the nutritious food, the natural scenery and the friendly people.

Direct flights are available to and from the UK into Cyprus and numerous ‘mod cons which people have become accustomed to UK are accessible in Cyprus including satellite and air conditioning therefore expats can get their daily dose from Coronation Street!

The purchase of a property in Cyprus is a good investment, particularly for those looking to purchase an apartment for a vacation or as it could be an investment.

However, there are some things to be aware of when you’re considering purchasing the property as an investment in Cyprus to generate rental income. The holiday season in Cyprus is quite short, which runs between May and September.

From October 31st until April, the entire area is practically shut. But, general apartments and house for sale in Gambia Bijilo provide investors from overseas with attractive opportunities due to the fact that the market is growing and the cost of land continues to rise.

While purchasing real estate in Cyprus is a tempting choice, there are certain legal and other aspects that need to be taken into consideration

Loans And Mortgages

You can easily get loans at local banks if you purchase a property. Cyprus has several banks that you can choose from, however it is recommended to select a bank which is currently supporting or financing a developers project, as they have already decided that the project is suitable.

However, should you choose to use a different lender, not owned by the developer, you’ll need to provide a bank guarantee of 1.5 percent to 1.8 percent of the worth of the property each year until you have your title documents.

If you decide to pay the cash in stages, particularly for a brand new property then you must make use of a finance professional instead of a local bank since it can reduce your expenses by thousands when you make the transfer.

Legal Procedures When Purchasing A Property

The legal system of Cyprus is based upon the British system, and protects buyer’s rights in numerous ways.

To protect buyers after the sale contract is sign and the deposit has be in full, it is necessary to register the Land Registry in Cyprus provides an easy and efficient legal instrument know as the “Specific Performance”.

This safeguards the purchaser’s ownership rights until title deeds are sign under their names. The contract is not able to be cancel by anyone , and the property can’t be purchase, lease, mortgage or transfer. The status of the property can only be modifie by the buyer.

If you’re purchasing a new building in Cyprus make sure the lawyer isn’t concern with any aspect of development of the property to ensure that conflict of interests do not occur. The of the lawyer typically is one percent of the price of the property.


Stamp Duty A one-time stamp tax is charge when purchasing properties in Cyprus. The rates are base on the purchase price in the contract and the payment must be within thirty days after signature of the Sale Agreement. 

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Council Tax It Is Payable Annually, And Much Less Costly Than The UK

Transfer Tax The buyer will require to pay transfer tax on the property once it is register under his name with the Land Registry Office. The taxes are based on the value of the property at the time of the purchase.

In the end, purchasing an apartment in Cyprus is not difficult and Cyprus is also a great place to offer vacation homeowners as well as property investors.

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