How to Use Your iPad 10.2 Case To Live Smarter

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Maybe you’ve never seen the need for an iPad 10.2 case. You’ve got your iPad, and you take pretty good care of it. You don’t slide it across tables where it could be scratched; you don’t stick it in a messy backpack with pens and pencils and keys that could gouge the sleek aluminum back or glossy glass front. You’ve never dropped your iPad, and you don’t intend to start now.

Your iPad is a beautiful instrument, and you enjoy its fullness of it every time you take it in your hand. But are you missing part of the iPad experience because you’re making do without a case? 

An iPad 10.2 Case to Give Your Device Wings

Adding an iPad 10.2 case to your iPad won’t be the most revolutionary thing you’ve ever done.  It won’t make you feel like you’re walking in seventh heaven, or give you that euphoria you felt when you got your first Apple device.  In fact, it won’t even make you smarter. That said, it might let you live smarter. While you don’t need a case, and your iPad functions perfectly well without it, slipping a case on it transforms it from a delicate high-strung device to a capable friend you can take anywhere. 

If you’ve got an iPad 10.2 case with a built-in screen protector, you can stuff it in your backpack in the same carefree nonchalant way you pile in the rest of your textbooks. You can flip that magnetic flap over your screen, then slide it across the table to your friend at the other end.  And you won’t have to  think about any of this; you’ll have full confidence that your iPad will be protected against any and all incident damage under any of these circumstances

An iPad 10.2 Case That Will Make You Hands-free

That’s one way that an iPad case will help you live smarter: it’ll let you live freer, without being bound by worries about protecting your precious device. But there’s more than an iPad case can do. It can also make you hands-free, with automatic mounts on applicable surfaces, or a handy stand that allows you to watch videos, do video calls, or a thousand other things without holding your iPad in your hand or trying to prop it up awkwardly on some surface or other. 

An iPad 10.2 Case That You Can Take Anywhere

A versatile iPad case that protects your iPad and makes you hands-free is a great thing.  But if you really want to enjoy life with your iPad, you’re going to want a case that looks good. 

You want something that you can take to the office without a second thought; that you could even feel comfortable pulling out of your briefcase at a dream interview. At the same time, you want something that won’t look out of place at home or at any of your favorite hangouts. 

There’s one more aesthetic you should look for when you’re looking for your ideal iPad 10.2 Case. Find something that will let you recognize your iPad anywhere; that you’ll know immediately as yours. Something that looks like you, and helps your iPad feel like an extension of yourself.

That’s why many of the premier iPad cover companies out there offer cases in your choice of colors. Sure, you could put a sticker on the back of your generic-looking case, but that would definitely nix all chances of looking professional. Better find a case that can say it belongs to you in a professional, tactful, understated way, but still, say so firmly and obviously. 

Three Great iPad 10.2 Cases

What cases meet these criteria?  Not many in the five or ten-dollar range, but if you’re willing to up your budget a little you’ll find some great cases that can help you live smarter. Three of these are the Zugu case, the Otterbox Defender, and the UAG Metropolis. Each of these iPad 10.2 cases with pencil holders offers decent shock protection, and the Otterbox is also an iPad 10.2 case with a built-in screen protector. Although the Otterbox is only produced in one color— black— the Zugu case and UAG Metropolis both offer a nice selection of colors. With the Zugu case, you can choose between black, red, cognac, slate, berry, and pine.  With the Metropolis case, your choices include cobalt, black, and magma (red). 

We may be just the slightest bit biased, but our favorite is the Zugu case. With all those color choices, you’re sure to find one that just means you. It’s classy, durable, and super versatile for everyday use. We love all the magnets in both case and cover—they’re strong enough that you can even stick your iPad up against the fridge when you’re using it in the kitchen! They also hold the built-in screen protector in case, enabling your iPad to turn on and off automatically when you flip the cover open or closed.

It’s not cheap, but neither was your iPad. If you’d like to take life with your iPad to the next level and live a little smarter, enjoying your new device to the full— get a good iPad 10.2 case. You’ll thank yourself. 

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