Is WordPress a Good Platform for Web Development?

Why should I favor WordPress? Why do I need to convert from another CMS platform to WordPress? You’re in the proper place if you’re asking these questions. We’ll outline 10 key justifications for why WordPress is the greatest CMS in this blog.

The majority of us are familiar with WordPress, an open-source content management system. This CMS is being improved by several people to make it more user-friendly. To have your own website, you can take services from a web development company in Jaipur. 

Web development services in Jaipur


  • Innumerable themes and plugins

WordPress offers varieties of themes and plugins which help to save time and one doesn’t need to worry too much about the design pattern one needs to follow. To set up those plugins, you can take help from the web development company in Jaipur to handle your website on your behalf.

  • Free and open source

WordPress is totally a free platform that doesn’t have any premium features. No matter what budget we have but when it comes to free, it’s mouth-dropping. It’s easy to edit, modify and tweak any change you want.

  • Simple to Maintain and Use.

Since the WordPress editor is simple to use and intuitive, even non-techies can upload material and edit pages without difficulty. Adding new pages, changing themes, and editing current content are all easy with WordPress.

  • Superior User Experience

WordPress is streamlined for speedy loading and is lightweight. WordPress gives you a competitive advantage over other CMS because Google’s ranking algorithm takes loading speed into account. You can avail services from website development services in Jaipur.

  • Suitable for SEO

SEO is essential to the success of your website. To increase revenue, you need a consistent flow of qualified visitors. Without that, your investment in a website that no one ever visits is just a waste of money.

WordPress is perfect because it enables you to add or curate material and make it search engine-optimized. You can include your keywords in the WordPress code to make it simpler for users and search engines to find your company.

  • Customizable

Without having to delve into the website’s code, you may manage your website’s dimensions, appearance, layout, and functionality from the WordPress admin interface. You or your IT professional can build any functionality your website may want with just a little basic HTML.

  • Mobile Friendly

Your WordPress will always be reachable through cellphones unless you are using an outdated version and have disabled automatic upgrades. Even if your target audience isn’t utilizing smartphones to locate your website, you can’t completely disregard mobile accessibility because Google penalizes websites without mobile capability.

  • Smooth Integration of Third Parties

You probably have a goal in mind when creating a website, whether it be to exhibit your work online, attract customers, or organize information for consumers. Whatever your objective, you’re presumably using a few additional apps to accomplish it, such as social media sites, email marketing programs, or analytics programs.

  • Superior Security

WordPress is one of the most secure software platforms available right now because it receives regular automated updates. You can add more security plugins to your website to protect the privacy of your users and increase security if your business handles critical data. Also, you can consult with any website development company in Jaipur.

Additionally, WordPress makes it simple to recover your website in the event of a hack without losing any of your data.

  • Huge Community

According to the data presented before, WordPress powers roughly 60% of websites using a recognized CMS. The WordPress community is unparalleled right now, and it’s only expanding. The platform keeps improving with the addition of new SEO functions, enhanced dashboard functionality, and upcoming UI improvements.

It’s extremely uncommon to run into a WordPress problem that the community hasn’t already addressed and fixed.

Final Thoughts

With its wide range of features and plugins, WordPress is the most widely used content management system. This robust open-source platform is very flexible and yet has a huge global community.With its user-friendly design and plethora of customization options, WordPress development is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. There is the option of consulting and using the website development services in Jaipur.

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