Hand-Knotted Rugs- A Helping Hand To Furnish Mattings

Best Hand Knotted Rugs In India

There is more to rugs than what the eyes see. Undeniably, hand-knotted rugs are an illustration of human creativity and imagination. Each piece that you discover is unique and has a history connected to it. These handmade rugs are popularly known for their craftsmanship, the legacy behind the skill of making these artifacts.

These skills contribute to the rug’s high-end quality, unique designs, and durability. High-performance carpet renders enhance a space’s charm and offers functionality. For a rug with durable function, hand-knotted work like fine wine.

Characteristics Of A Durable Hand-knotted Rug

A durable rug is ideal for high-traffic areas and offers longevity. They do not wear down or suffer any damage, even after years of use. To find a rug that will be durable and be the same as day one, here is what you must consider while purchasing:

Fibre Quality:

The fiber is like what the footing is to a building. A strong foundation ensures that a building stays put even under the worst conditions. Similarly, a strong fiber provides a durable and long-lasting rug that can uphold higher traffic. The fiber’s thickness, resistance, waviness, and staple strength determine the lifespan of hand-knotted rugs. One such durable fiber is wool, and it does not wear quickly.

Knot Quality:

Hand-knotting is an art that skilled weavers have refined over time. A good quality rug has over 100 knots per square inch. The more knots, the higher the quality. This quality will ensure how successfully they will bear high traffic.


Almost everything diminishes in quality over time. Rugs that are hand-knotted tend to last longer, given that the rug’s quality is maintained.

Hand-Knotted Rugs Best-Known For Durability

There are several hand-knotted rugs available in the market. However, only some rugs that are hand-knotted offer the best durability. Durability mainly depends on the material used to make these rugs. Therefore, here is a list of the best rugs withstanding high-traffic wear and tear.

Wool Rugs

From aesthetics to durability, wool rugs have everything. Mainly, wool is known as a strong and best material for handmade rugs. This rug material is not only resistant to stains but also water. So, if you have kids and pets at your home, introducing one of these is a must. Great for high traffic, these make an ideal choice for living rooms and hallways.

Apart from durability, wool rugs offer warmth and comfort. They make an excellent option for bedrooms and living rooms. Additionally, these rugs make a significant investment, even if they are expensive, as they last you a lifetime.

Sisal Rugs

Sisal rugs are made with fiber drawn from agave plants. These fibers are stiff in nature and offer strength to the rugs. Typically, these are free of any chemicals to provide you with a durable rug. These natural rugs perform highly in areas of high traffic and are resistant to stains and dirt. These rugs are also low-maintenance and the best solution for entryways, living rooms, hallways, and other areas with more footfall.

However, there are better choices than these rugs for areas like the bathroom and kitchen. This is because these areas are subjected to moisture. Moisture is a well-known nemesis of natural fibers like sisal. Upon getting in contact with moisture, these rugs mold, and microorganisms grow.

Jute Rugs

Jute rugs allow you to use them in all places in your home. These rugs offer few opportunities for colors. However, they offer hues such as brown or beige, which can be incorporated into various interior aesthetics.

Additionally, these hand-knotted rugs are easy to maintain with regular vacuuming. They are also resistant to dust and dirt, along with absorbing allergens. However, these rugs, like sisal, tend to absorb moisture and must be placed in areas such as the living room.

Flat Weave Rugs

When considering durability, you must include flat weave rugs. These rugs are modern in style and offer high-performing qualities. If you have hard surfaces, dull weak, make an ideal choice. Unlike rugs with high piles, they can get crushed over time. This is not the case with a flat weave rug.

You can introduce these rugs in places with higher traffic, such as the living room and hallways. The best thing about these rugs is their stain-resistant qualities. To clean them, you do not have to especially reach out for cleaning services but rather wash them at home in your washing machine.


There is no doubt that hand-knotted rugs are the best in terms of their intricate designs, quality, and durability. These rugs are known for their ability to withstand high traffic. They do not wear down even after years of use. This is because of their construction and their fiber. Rugs made of wool, flat weave, and jute are some of the best rugs for your home.

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