Refresh vs. Website Redesign: Which Do You Need?

If you find your website somewhat outdated, you will likely opt for a web design company Oakville to redesign it. But do you think a complete website redesign is the only best option? Website refreshes have been increasingly gaining popularity for the past few years.

Refresh vs. Website Redesign

For a few years, the simple act of having a website would get the job done. You could check your marketing checklist and get on with your business. But things are now changed. Today, websites are living entities designed to serve you and your organization. Nevertheless, you need to support it by making regular evaluations to ensure it performs just like you want it to.

When it comes to assessing your online presence, making necessary adjustments refers to two possible factors:

  1. A complete overhaul
  2. Refreshing the existing one

A professional web design Oakville Company can help you navigate through the world of the digital landscape and determine the best ways to let your website thrive in today’s digital world. Whether it is about design or development, choose a professional company that can cover all your needs.

When should I refresh my website?

These are a few scenarios where refreshing your website might be a good idea.

  1. The bounce rate on your website is higher than average.
  2. You start getting low conversion rates as compared to the past.
  3. Your website layout appears dull as compared to the competitors’ websites.
  4. Your communication is not as effective as before.
  5. Any of your products or services are not listed on the website.

These are just a few indications. If you notice that you are not satisfied with any of these, perhaps it is time to refresh your website.

When should I redesign my website?

Before starting your website redesign project, it is crucial to determine the major reasons why your website is not performing well. The seven most common issues could include:

  1. Your website doesn’t look visually appealing.
  2. Its functionality doesn’t perform well.
  3. The site doesn’t generate good leads.
  4. The users are unable to locate the information they require.
  5. The content management system, integration, and code are outdated or don’t work correctly.
  6. The website doesn’t help you reach your goals.
  7. Updating the website is complex.

Determining the actual reasons will help you estimate the number of effort and dollars you will need to spend to complete your website project. Moreover, it will also help you build the site your business needs to meet the precise goals.

Should I refresh or redesign my website?

Once you know what’s bad in your website, it is time to evaluate how you can fix the issues. Do you need a simple refresh with minor updates, or do you need to opt for an in-depth website redesign?

Website Refresh

Creating a brand new website doesn’t mean you must start from scratch. Sometimes, you can do it by making a few changes to your current website to function and appear the way you want. A website refresh is a way to make significant changes to your site. However, you can update and modify your existing website instead of creating a site from scratch. Refreshing your website is like getting new pieces of furniture for your home. Some new furniture pieces can make your house look different and function more effectively. In the same way, some new changes to your website can make the layout look more attractive and enhances the current functionality.

Website Redesign

Entrepreneurs often opt to redesign their websites when they plan to create a new website. A website redesign involves planning, developing, and structuring a site from scratch. Moreover, it is like demolishing your room and rebuilding it from scratch, adding a new coat of color, furniture, carpeting, and more. The redesign process is complex, time-consuming, slow, and expensive. However, if done correctly, it can get you a better value for your investment. So, if you think your website requires significant work and could take longer to fix issues, a website redesign would be the most effective option.

So what’s best for you? The best way to determine the right strategy is to talk to your local web design Oakville Company. Discuss what you require, your goals, budget, timeline, and the issues you face. It is equally important to put your personal preferences aside and concentrate on what is best for your business.

Final words

A well-designed website can have a major impact on your business goals. Planning can help ensure a site with minimum disruption and the greatest impact. However, it is essential to design a mobile-friendly website with the help of a professional web design and development company. An experienced company can help you through the entire process, regardless of what it takes to help you achieve what you desire and what your customers expect from your website.

If you haven’t upgraded your website for years after it was launched, it is the right time to research the best web design & development company near me. An expert company will recommend that you opt for a complete website overhaul every two to three years. Moreover, keep refreshing it every year approximately. Smart coding, solid brand standards, a well-planned content strategy and the right content management system will ensure your website is contemporary, user-friendly, and a great fit for your brand.

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