Symptoms Of Gynaecological Cancer

It is important to have some awareness of the possible symptoms of gynaecological cancer. Upon noticing any of these symptoms, the advisable thing would be to book a gynecology clinic London appointment urgently. By all means, you shouldn’t ignore or take the symptoms we are about to look at lightly.

Granted, having the symptoms we are about to outline doesn’t always mean that someone has cancer. The majority of women who have these symptoms (thankfully) turn out to be suffering from other things, rather than cancer. Nonetheless, there are a few for whom the symptoms turn out to be indeed signs of cancer. That is why we recommended booking a London gynaecology clinic appointment upon noticing any of these symptoms. With these sorts of things, it is always better to act on the cautious side. And the key thing to remember throughout is this: chances for successful treatment of cancer are higher when it is detected early. And awareness of these symptoms can help with that aspect of early detection of cancer.

The possible gynaecological cancer symptoms that shouldn’t be taken lightly

Bleeding/discharge that is abnormal

This may specifically be a case of bleeding between periods. It may also be a case where one has some sort of bleeding after sexual intercourse. On another note, it may be any case of post-menopausal bleeding. Sometimes, such bleeding turns out to be symptomatic of cervical cancer. In other cases, it turns out to be symptomatic of uterine cancer. That is ultimately why any incidence of such bleeding would warrant an urgent London gynecology clinic visit.

Presence of lumps or bumps (as well as ulcers)

Often these sorts of lumps or bumps turn out to be symptomatic of vulvar cancers. It will usually be a rather big lump/bump: the type whose presence you can feel without searching too hard. Sometimes, it is in the course of a visit to the toilet that you become aware of the lump’s/bump’s presence. At other times, you may actually feel it while walking or sitting. This is certainly not a sign you can take lightly.

Itching that is persistent

Granted, most cases of itching in the genital region are due to more easily addressable conditions such as thrush. However, there are instance in which such itching, especially if it is very persistent, turns out to be a sign of budding vulvar cancer. So it is not something you should take lightly or ignore.

Bloating or distension of the abdomen

Some degree of bloating may be normal during certain parts of most women’s monthly cycles. However, if it becomes a constant thing, then it should be cause for concern. It is certainly something worth arranging a London gynecology clinic visit about. Besides bloating, there is also abdominal distension as another issue of concern.

What happens here is that the stomach appears visibly bigger. Sometimes it gets to a point of no longer being able to fit into one’s jeans! It can get especially perplexing if it is not accompanied by any weight gain. So you now find someone with a tummy that is so distended that they no longer fit into their jeans. Yet they have not gained weight: if anything, they may have lost it! Now that sort of constant bloating or distension can be indicative of ovarian cancer. So it needs to be addressed fast.

Abdominal pain that has new onset

A certain degree of abdominal pain is something many women grapple with. However, if it sets in after the age of 45, then it is an issue of concern. It could be indicative of ovarian cancer that is taking root. But if it is prior to the age of 45, then it may be a sign of another issue such as endometriosis. And even that would still warrant a gynaecologist’s attention.

Other gynaecological symptoms that are worth taking seriously

These may not be indicative of gynaecological cancer, but they should nonetheless never be ignored:

Lower abdominal pain that sets in suddenly

In women of childbearing age, such pain may be indicative of things like ectopic pregnancy. Or they may be due to complications arising from ovarian cysts. Therefore the right thing upon experiencing such pain may be to organise a London gynaecology clinic visit.

Periods that are heavy and/or painful

In some cases, these periods may be attributable to conditions like endometriosis or fibroids. And while these may not always be potentially deadly conditions, they can nonetheless compromise one’s enjoyment of life. Having them diagnosed and treated can help to mitigate the problems they come with.

Urinating too frequently or experiencing stinging while urinating

Sometimes, the underlying problem may be a bladder infection. But in other cases, the real problem may be a pelvic mass – something like an ovarian cyst or fibroids in the uterus.

Leaking urine or being incontinent

Sometimes, this may be due to the effect of childbirth or menopause. Still, it is worth investigating, especially if it is lowering one’s quality of life greatly.

Pain while having sexual intercourse

This may be a sign of a condition like endometriosis, and is certainly worth seeking medical attention about.

Vulvar blisters or sores that set in suddenly

Sometimes, these may be due to an STI that is taking root in the body. STIs can in due course lead to many major complications. So such blisters/ulcers shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How long can a person have cervical cancer unknowingly?

Cervical cancer is known to be a condition whose genesis is Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection. Now the period between getting infected with HPV and actually developing the cancer can be as long as 15 years. However, going for smear tests can help. It can eliminate/reduce that possibility of living with cervical cancer for long without knowing.

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