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Top Tips to Unblock A Toilet with Or without Equipment

Imagine a situation. Suppose you are busy preparing yourself for your morning office routine. You are highly busy and constantly switching from one task to another. Amidst all of these, you go to the toilet and find that the flush is not working properly. Even after you wait for a while and use the flush again, you do not see a tinge of water trickling through the pipeline. Indeed, this is a disgusting situation. Now, you do not know whether you leave your poop and other waste materials and rush to the office or skip the office for a day and take care of the clogged toilet.

When you have a clogged toilet, these are the common situations that most of you face. The moment you notice a clogged toilet, all that comes to your mind is to look for an efficient and reliable plumber. Indeed, you can look for emergency plumbers near you to resolve such issues in the pipelines. They are efficient and skilled enough to take care of every task that deals with water clogging and issues in the pipelines.

What if the plumbing services in your locality are not available? Well, you are surely not going to stay in this mess for a lifetime. In case you do not have the plumbers available, you can do it yourself. Yes, you read that right. In this blog, we will share with you some effective hacks to unblock a toilet without equipment. We will also share how you can use some equipment to unclog your toilet. Therefore, without further delay, let us get started with the details of the blog.

Why do toilets get clogged?

Before figuring out the ways to unblock a toilet, you need to understand the primary reasons why a toilet can get clogged. Every time there is a problem, you need to find out the cause of the problem. Understanding the cause of the issue will help you to eliminate it from the root. Similarly, when you have a clogged toilet, ensure to find out the root causes of it.

The toilets in your house are the most underrated locations. Yet, they are extremely useful. Although few people pay attention to the functioning of toilets until they stop working. However, you do not need to panic over clogged toilets. Here are the potential causes that lead to clogging in the toilets.

  • Your toilet is low in flow and does not have the power to gush out water well
  • Your toilet is suffering from a clogged drain.
  • The tank of toilet does not have enough water to flush out.
  • There is a build-up of hard water in the toilet.
  • The S-shaped pipeline has made the water and other materials get clogged there.
  • The plumbing system has a blockage somewhere.
  • You must be flushing flushable wipes and other materials into the toilet.
  • You flush some foreign objects into the toilet.
  • Some external factors must have created a blockage in the pipeline.
  • Septic systems that move slowly can create a block.
  • Older pipe works can lead to clogged pipelines and blockages.

How to fix blocked toilets?

One of the easiest ways of fixing a blocked toilet is by using a plunger. When you use a plunger, it is a less complicated process. Besides, it works faster and is much easier than the other processes. When using a plunger, these are the steps that you can follow:

  • Insert the plunger into the toilet bowl. However, before this, make sure to cover the bowl completely with water.
  • Next, use the pumping technique over the hole. First, be gentle to push down the plunger. Since the plunger will let out the trapped air, you can experience some water splashing toward you. Keep using this technique until you find some hard object oozing out.
  • Once the hard object is out, you need to flush the toilet bowl to see if the drainage system is working as it should. After the plunging is done, you can flush the toilet two to four times.
  • Make sure to use a proper plunger that is functional enough to clear all the waste.

There are other methods that you can incorporate to clear blocked toilets. Not everyone has a plunger. In that case, you can incorporate these materials to clean clogged toilets.

Dish soap

Use can use dish soap to clear your clogged toilets. These dish soaps have abrasives contained in them. These abrasives create a chemical reaction with the materials stuck in the toilet. When you pour these dish soap into the toilet bowl, they become slippery. This helps the clogged pipes to lubricate easily. In addition, this slides the clogged debris down the pipe in no time.

Adding hot water

If the dish soap hack does not work, you can go ahead with the hot water hack. Instead of dish soap solution, you can pour hot water to let the debris move from one side to another. Take a bucket and fill it in with hot water till the waist level. Now, pour the hot water into the toilet bowl from a higher position. The force of water can help to dislodge the clog in the toilet.

Baking soda mixture

A wonderful alternative to clearing clogged toilets is to use a baking soda solution. This is a completely natural solution. Therefore, you don’t need to fret about any marks on the toilet bowl. Creating a solution of one cup of baking soda and vinegar and pouring it on the toilet bowl can help clear the clog. You can use a plunger along with this.

Create water pressure with a plastic bottle

Generally, you have a clogged toilet when the pressure gets stuck in between the pipeline. To clear this clog, you can make use of a plastic bottle. Remove as much water as possible from the toilet bowl. Fill the plastic bottle with water and place your thumb on top of the bottle. Now, squeeze the bottle so that the water from the bottle goes inside and releases the trapped air.


Now that you have a detailed idea about clearing blocked toilets, you can carry out any of these processes as mentioned above. Still wondering if you can flush food down the toilet? Well then, you need the help of professional plumbers later.

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