What Is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Businesses are constantly looking for ways to save fuel expenses and optimize the planned route. Unfortunately, managers are often left in the dark as gaining insight into the fleet and driver is often challenging. Even if they do, it is not authentic. Fleet management software can help you gain the upper hand.


The demand for fleet management software is expected to skyrocket from USD 25.5 billion in 2022 to USD 52.4 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 15.5%. This data is enough to show how successful the software is in helping fleet businesses.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is a solution that will help managers gain real-time visibility of their fleet. It can help in increasing driver satisfaction and decreasing fuel consumption through accurate reports and alerts. Through the software, planned trips can be improved and optimized.

What are the Solutions Offered By Fleet Management Software?

There is a huge demand for fleet management software in industries such as FMCG, logistics, manufacturing, etc., as they require on-time delivery. Only through software can the companies guarantee the safe and secure delivery of goods. That is because vehicle tracking software provides real-time information on the fleet and the driver.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver performance plays a huge role in the efficiency of the fleet. The system alerts managers whenever a driver applies harsh brakes and corners or even accelerates abruptly. Reports on idling and overspeeding can also be generated using the software.

Route Planning

Using the software, an optimized and improved route can be planned, which will help increase customer satisfaction and proper usage of resources. You can mark stops and time durations for halts. Managers are notified whenever a driver drifts from the planned route or spends more than the set time on a halt.

Video Telematics

Vehicle and driver safety is prioritized using fleet management software. And that is why the software offers a 360° visual supervision of the fleet for accurate monitoring and accident prevention through ADAS and DMS.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) uses a dashcam facing the road to monitor the activities of the road. It reports events like collisions, lane switching, accident proofs, etc. At the same time, DMS ( Driver Management System) uses a dashcam facing the drivers. It reports drivers when distracted, drowsy, or smoking.

Sim Based Tracking

Though not an integral part of fleet management software, it is used for commercial vehicles. Sim-based tracking is effective in remote areas as the internet is not required when using it. This software is especially useful when using ad hocs or rental vehicles, and you don’t want to give access to the system’s data to the drivers. No additional GPS tracking device is required. Instead, this system tracks the phone SIMof the driver.

Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel is one of the most valuable resources of the fleet business. Expenses incurred majorly are fuel related. This gives rise to the dire need for fuel optimization and monitoring. Cases of fuel pilferage and theft activities are also common in fleets.


This calls for fuel-monitoring software, which sends an alert every time the driver refills the fuel tank or if there is a sudden drop in the fuel quantity. Detailed reports can be generated of such events.

Manage Your Fleet With TrackoBit

Using fleet management software comes with many benefits, such as real-time tracking of vehicles, route and fuel optimization, and instant alerts and notifications to managers. In addition, unnecessary fuel costs and other expenses and accidents can be avoided using the software.


TrackoBit is a GPS Tracking Software that can help you enjoy all its benefits through its user-friendly yet technically advanced solutions.

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