What Is Right Way To Consult Ayurvedic Doctor Online

Consult Ayurvedic Doctor Online

After COVID hit the global market, it changed the face of consulting a doctor. The technological advancements gave birth to numerous online health services that did not require physical presence. Today, several professionals are offering these services. They offer a diagnosis based on the correct information and help cure or prevent various diseases.
With online ayurvedic consultation, a patient no longer needs to meet their doctor physically. This has led to the establishment of numerous online consultations. You can easily access these services, no matter the time or place. However, with so many choices, one can get confused about what is the right option. This article discusses the correct method by which you can consult Ayurvedic doctor online.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Primarily, an ayurvedic consultation helps find the source of various ailments or imbalances. Your first consultation encompasses filling up a form with several questions and a physical check-up. They also take account of your tongue’s condition and examine your pulses. This analysis helps you understand various ailments or health problems and how they can be cured.

Further, your consulted doctor determines your body’s makeup, finds any dominant doshas, and evaluates the condition of your tissues. According to the imbalance in your body, your doctor will advise you to make a few alterations in your lifestyle. These could be dietary changes, daily exercising, massages you can practice at home, and others.

When you consult Ayurvedic doctor online, they will prescribe you various herbal medicines or ayurvedic medicines. Your doctor will further inform you regarding the dosage of these herbs and other information. In addition to these treatments, your expert will also recommend you Panchakarma therapy which helps in restoring your health and detoxifying your body.
Ayurvedic consultation is not just limited to therapies and medicines. They also advise changing your lifestyle to have faster and long-standing healing. Based on how severe the dominating energies are and how critical the symptoms are, follow-up appointments can take place.

Modes Of Consultation

When you are booking an appointment to consult Ayurvedic doctor online, there is a range of options available for you to choose from. These options are the bases of what you are more comfortable with.
Via Text: If you are an introvert or find it difficult to open to audio/video calls, you can consult over text.
Via Audio Call: You can consult your chosen expert over a phone call. You can discuss all the details with your specialist with ease.
Via Video Call: If you are comfortable, you can book a video call. This will allow you to connect better and discuss your ailments freely.

Things You Must Do When Consulting An Ayurvedic Doctor Online

Before you consult Ayurvedic doctor online, there are a few things that you should follow.

  • Before making a consultation, rectify all the signs and symptoms or allergies you encounter. Please keep track of your medical history and save it for future use. Also, note down the medications you are currently consuming. Moreover, you should also have a clear description of your everyday life and dietary regime.
  • To get effective results from the consultation, the details regarding your health must be updated. Make sure to list down your height, BMI, height, pulse rate, blood pressure, sugar levels, heart rate, etc. Previously conducted blood and health tests will facilitate smoother consultations.
  • Before you make a consultation with an ayurvedic doctor, make sure to upload any important information regarding your health reports. By doing this, you will be saving your time and helping your chosen expert make better evaluations. You can also submit your medical record, recognizable signs, daily regime, and eating plan.
  • Make sure to check your phone so that you do not miss any calls or texts. Additionally, ensure that your internet connection is a working problem to have a smoother consulting session.
  • The next thing is payment. Choose an appropriate channel of payment that suits you. Also, check with other details so that your payment is efficient.
  • Your doctor will prescribe you certain medications. To obtain them, you will be required to have a signed prescription. Therefore, ask your doctor for an electronic prescription via email or messenger app.
  • It is important to know that your channel is verified and reliable. Make sure to do a background check and read reviews from other customers. It is always best to choose a well-established website or an app for consulting.
  • There can be instances when certain individuals claim to be specialists with no proper qualifications.

Therefore, ensure that your consultant is certified and can legally practice medicine.


We live in a fast-paced world where everyone is rushing from point A to point B. With this tight schedule, it becomes difficult to get time to visit a clinic physically. However, health must always come first, especially in a stressful society. Therefore, choosing an online ayurvedic consultation is an ideal choice. With the above-discussed points, you can now make sure to have a smooth talk.

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