Which Disposable Vape Device Should I Use?

Disposable Vape

As many brands of disposable vapes are available in the market, it is difficult to select the best one. The suitable disposable kit for you is the one that fulfils your vaping requirements, e.g. a satisfactory number of vaping puffs, flavours of your choice, etc. This blog will suggest some factors that help you to pick a suitable disposable device from the bundle of options.

Intentions To Use Disposable Kit:

Due to the ease of convenience and user-friendly features, disposable kits have recently been commonly used. You do not need any guidance to use this vaping device. However, there are many brands of disposable vapes within the market. Some of them are Lost Mary vape, Solo Plus vape, Crystal Bar 4000, etc. But still, the best device is one which fulfils all your requirements and gives you better flavours to enjoy your vaping session.

  • Suitable Number Of Puffs:

In disposable devices, you can pick the vape according to the preferable number of puffs. The count of puffs depends on the device’s size and the kit’s battery. There are different vaping devices available in the market with a variety of puffs. For example, Crystal Bar 4000 disposable kit offers you up to 4000 puffs.

  • Proportion Of PG/VG:

You can choose a disposable kit for vaping based on the varying concentrations of PG/VG. If you are a smoker and require a satisfactory throat hit, you can choose the vaping device with an e-liquid of high PG concentration because it will give you a strong throat hit. Also, if you want to make big and dense vape clouds, it is recommended to increase the strength of VG. However, the optimum ratio of PG/VG in e-liquid is 50/50%. You can pick the ratios according to your vaping demands.

  • Satisfactory Nicotine Concentration:

Disposable vapes supply you with various nicotine strengths, so you can choose your desired nicotine strength to enjoy the vaping session. If you are a habitual smoker, you can take nicotine according to your satisfaction level; but if you want to quit smoking, you can decrease its strength to eliminate nicotine addiction. Also, if you are a non-smoker, it is good for you to abstain from nicotine and go with nicotine-free e-juices because nicotine is an addictive component. You can also use nic salt, lab-processed nicotine; that absorbs quickly in the bloodstream and stays in the body for a long duration. For example, Solo Plus vape has 2ml e-liquid with 20mg nic salt.

  • Unique Flavours:

Due to the pre-priming of the coil, disposable devices have unique and more luscious flavours. Many delicious flavours, like Mint, Cola, Apple, etc., are accessible. Flavours play a vital role in making your vaping session enjoyable. For example, Elf Bar Lost Mary AM600 gives you twenty-two fruity and mouth-watering flavours like Blue Razz Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Cola, etc.


To conclude the discussion, it is clear that the best disposable device is that which attains your vaping requirements. Also, the disposable vape offers you desired number of puffs, which contain suitable PG/VG ratios, and have desired nicotine strength, the vape brand that gives you the flavours of your choice. It is recommended to choose the Solo Plus vape due to the availability of eight fruity flavours, which offer 600 puffs and 20mg of nicotine strength.

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