3 Best Roblox Horror Games to Play with Friends

If your child plays Roblox and Backrooms a lot, you probably already know that the avatars are made to look like LEGO blocks. You probably also know about games like Theme Park Tycoon 2 and Jailbreak, which are among the most popular on Roblox.

Still, you are probably as surprised as most people to learn that there are “scary Roblox games.” We know it’s hard to picture. Especially since most Roblox games are fun, lighthearted action or simulation games that kids and their friends can play together. Most of the time, the graphics and names fit that vibe better.

However! Roblox is actually a treasure trove of horror games with unique designs and creative ideas. If you are curious enough to start digging, there are more than a few hundred of them. All of them are pretty good horror games in terms of scary stories, creepy graphics, and jump scares.

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to play these 10 best Roblox horror games; you can play them all year long.

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Are Scary Games Allowed on Roblox?

Yes! If your child wants to make a scary game with code, they will probably be able to post it on Roblox. So, all of the games we’re about to list here follow Roblox’s Terms of Service and are definitely Roblox-approved.

This doesn’t mean that Roblox is a slacker, though! They don’t let any game stay up if it goes against their Terms of Service. In fact, non-horror games that have adult themes, swearing and/or strong language, or graphic blood and gore may be kicked off the site, and the person who made them may be banned.

Roblox knows that it attracts a young audience, so it is unlikely that they will allow games that are “too scary” or “too graphic” for children.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s play!

1. It Lurks by terriblebox


it lurks roblox horror games


This scary game for one person is not for the weak of heart. It Lurks has monsters, scary sounds, and a lot of jump scares, among other things. The premise seems harmless: you have an older, cranky brother who tells you to get out of his room and a nice dad who goes to the store (but not before reminding you to get to bed by 10).

When you go to sleep, the scary stuff starts. You wake up, it’s dark outside, and for some reason, you’re by yourself.

You know you shouldn’t go down to the basement, but it’s the only way to start the game and get through this scary night.

The graphics aren’t too dark, which is good. In fact, everything is pretty colorful and bright. But just in case, make sure all the lights around you are on.

2. Roses by Clockwork Entertainment


Roses roblox horror games


Roses might be the perfect game for you if you like scary movies and games with a lot of action.

This game, made by Clockwork Entertainment, is definitely well-made, and it’s clear that the people who made it put in an insane amount of work. The dialogue, voice-over, and even the objects in the background are all very well done and full of detail.

Roses is a first-person horror game for a single player that you can easily download from Roblox.

You’d play a person who had a friend named Max who died in an asylum. You have to find Max in that same old asylum now.

Since the developers paid a lot of attention to the small details, you can interact with the props and objects in the background as you look around the asylum.

So, if you’re naturally curious and the kind of gamer who pays close attention to even the smallest details, you should definitely check out Roses by Clockwork Entertainment.


3.Lloyd Residence by Chuck_Lloyd


lloyd residence


This game is great for people who like to read and hear scary stories and myths.

The main idea of the game is that Chuck Lloyd is an old knight whose dreams are always messed up and who never gets enough sleep.

Once you play this game, you’ll see a lot of ghosts and spirits trying to kill Chuck Lloyd.

It’s a mix of zombies, ghosts, and old stories. So, there is a lot more to the game.

The game could be split into two games based on the myth community. Lloyd’s house, which has the keys, and Chuck’s basement, which has information about Chuck Lloyd’s past.

If you like solving puzzles and putting together clues, this Roblox game will be a lot of fun for you.

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