6 Best Weapons In Titanfall 2, Ranked

If a Titanfall 2 player wants the strongest loadout, they don’t need to look any further than this list of the game’s best weapons.

Both Titanfall and Titanfall 2 helped change the shooter genre by giving players more things to do and more ways to fight. Titanfall’s gameplay was made more interesting by adding platforming, which made the game go up and down. Also, the huge titans make each match a lot of fun to play and make the game feel more real. Titanfall 2 went even further than the first game by making the titans more flexible and the pilots more adaptable. This is why players have been asking for a third entry.

One way this happened was through the weapons pilots used against both enemies and titans. Players will have fun no matter what loadout they choose because the guns offer different things for different ways to play. But there are a few weapons that stand out because they make players fight more aggressively and help them understand how Titanfall works better. These are the best weapons in Titanfall 2 that get the job done.

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