5 Benefits of an Air Purifier

Pollution is everywhere. Most of us assume that the quality of air indoors is much safer to breathe than that outdoors. However, the fact is opposite to that. The air quality inside your clean, net home is poorer than that on the streets out full of exhaust gases and smog. Several research studies have proven this fact. Breathing in this impure air all through the day and night causes several airborne illnesses.

The best solution is to use a room air purifier, as per the abundant research results that are available on the benefits of air purifiers. However, this solution is one of the health hacks that has been highly underrated. In this article, we take you through the benefits of using an air purifier. 

Breathe in Cleaner Air

Needless to mention, this is the first and foremost benefit of air purifiers. You can breathe in clean air that is free from all kinds of contaminants. This gives you positive energy that helps you stay active throughout the day. 

Reduce Allergies

Poor quality air can easily trigger allergies, which in turn can result in illnesses, especially in people who are very sensitive. The main allergy trigger is exposure to dust mites, pet dander and pollen that carry allergens. Air purifiers are devised such that they clear the air of these allergens that can cause health complications in the long run. By installing an air purifier at home, you can keep allergies at bay. 

Eliminate Harmful Chemicals

Closing the windows and doors of your house does not ensure that you can keep away external contaminants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These gases easily enter your house if it is situated in areas with heavy vehicular traffic. Exposure to such chemicals increases the risk of several diseases. 

Even if not for gases from vehicular traffic, the atmosphere of almost all homes is contaminated with harmful chemicals from many  cleaning agents. These chemicals include chlorine, phthalates and ammonia. Regular exposure to such chemicals again causes several diseases. 

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The activated carbon filter in air purifiers can get rid of such chemical pollutants, thus reducing the risk of many health issues. Highly porous carbon is used in this purification stage for trapping the chemicals and recycling purified air into the room. 

Combat Respiratory Diseases Like Asthma

Air purifiers are highly capable of removing contaminants that cause respiratory complications such as asthma. HEPA air purifiers have the capacity to filter out 99.97% of contaminants. The multi-layered filtration technology traps dust mites, pet dander and pollens floating in the air so that you can breathe in fresh and clean air. This is the best way to stay healthy at home. 

Less Mould

Moulds are not just about those unsightly black spaces in the corners of your bathrooms. As these mould spores travel across your house, they can result in allergic symptoms in people who are hypersensitive. With an air purifier installed at home, it can trap a vast part of these mould spores. However, you will still have to address the core mould growth issue. It’s just that the intensity gets reduced. 

With these many benefits, we hope you now know the reasons why you should seriously consider installing an air purifier at home. Even though your home seems to be clean, the quality of indoor air may be poor. Routine exposure to the harmful air contaminants may result in several serious illnesses. An air purifier is the best way to combat these issues and lead a healthy life. You never have think twice before investing in appliances like an air purifier or an automatic sanitizer dispenser that helps you keep disease-causing germs at bay.

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