5 Benefits of Deep Fryer That You Should Know

Big deep fryer in pakistan is one of the typical cooking methods all over the world. And many people want fried chicken and other fried food to be crispy, one that crunches in their mouths while chewing.

Deep fryer for sale in lahore is one of the typical cooking methods all over the world. And many people want fried chicken and other fried food to be crispy, one that crunches in their mouths while chewing. Even though you can fry these on a pan, the best way to prepare these food items are by using a deep fryer.

A deep fryer price in pakistan is an appliance used at home or in restaurants that fry food items by immersing them in boiling cooking oil. Whilst this is usually used for frying meat like chicken and pork, many businesses also use this to cook crunchy foods like French fries, chips, crackers, and much more.

Businesses and even households use this cooking appliance because of its many advantages. Here are some of them:

Faster and easier cooking – Cooking on a frying pan allows you to serve a meal faster. Using an ordinary pan requires a long time to finish. Apart from this, you need to flip the food from time to time to avoid overcooking or charring it. In a deep fryer, all you need is to wait for the oil to boil and put on the food and wait for the chicken or other meat to change its colour to golden brown.

Cost Efficient – Since cooking is efficient using this appliance, you can expect more significant savings, as you don’t need to spend extra time and electricity. Big deep fryer in pakistan allow you to use cooking oil multiple times. When frying on an ordinary pan, you might feel annoyed because of the wasted oil as you cannot use it again to cook another food.

It’s an interesting question, but one that might have a surprising answer for you. Last year, researchers from the University of Granada published findings in the Food Chemistry journal which suggested that vegetables contain more phenols when fried in extra virgin olive oil than when boiled in water.

Researchers applied three cooking methods – frying in olive oil, boiling in water or boiling in a combination of water and olive oil – to four different vegetables; eggplant, potato, pumpkin and tomato.

The aim of the experiments was to work out which cooking method released the highest level of phenolic compounds – a healthy antioxidant that vegetables provide.

“As a heat transfer medium, the extra virgin olive oil increases the number of phenols in the vegetables, in contrast with other methods such as boiling, which use a water-based heat transfer medium,” Professor Cristina Samaniego Sánchez, one of the authors explained.

This means that the research essentially blurs the lines between ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ ways to prepare food and may help restaurants decide on the merits of buying commercial deep fryers from a health standpoint.

Enhanced food taste – Food cooked in a deep fryer often tastes better than ones cooked on a pan or in the oven. The oil that surrounds the food can retain the flavour when cooking.  Immersion in oil also makes the food crispier by setting the right temperature to make meat crispier.

Expect more tenderness in food – Deep frying makes food tender and juicier. Because you can set a specific temperature, you don’t need to worry about overheating the food, which can make the meat hard to bite if overcooked or saggy if undercooked. And even if you left the food in this appliance longer than needed, it will keep its moisture.

If you were to ask someone to describe deep fried food, it’s likely they’ll say “tasty, but unhealthy”. 

However, is this actually the reality? Despite the negative media coverage of fried food, there are some benefits to this type of cooking for both customers and restaurant owners.

With these modern features, you can expect consistent results every time you use it.

Deep fryers are not just luxuries for modern kitchens. They are useful appliances that can produce a good meal for your family or business.

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