What makes a newly buy iPhone 14 Pro special?

What makes a newly buy iPhone 14 Pro special?

The superfast chip in the newly buy iPhone 14 Pro is the same as that in the newly buy iPhone 13 Pro Max. The 5-core GPU in the A15 Bionic enables all the newest capabilities and creates superfluidity in visually demanding games and AR applications. You may participate in the activity for longer thanks to an upgraded interior design that provides higher heat efficiency.

IOS 16

With iOS 16, you have interesting new options for customizing your lock screen. To make a photo stand out, layer it. Follow the activity rings. also view real-time updates from your preferred applications.

App Tracking Transparency

App Tracking Transparency is one way that the iPhone 14 Pro is made to provide you choice over what you share and with whom you share it. It allows you to choose which applications are permitted to follow your behavior.

Emergency SOS via Sattelite

Low-bandwidth moving targets are satellites. The transmission of messages might take a while. iPhone asks you a few questions up front to analyze your position since every second matters. All you have to do is tap to reply. Then it directs your gaze in the direction of a satellite connection. Once you’re connected, your iPhone will immediately communicate with a dispatcher your responses, location, Medical ID (if configured), and battery level. You need to be outside where you can see the sky clearly.

iPhone will direct you where to point to keep your connection and avoid obstacles like mountains and dense vegetation because satellites are moving quickly across space.

It takes time to send a satellite text. You can send a message in less than 15 seconds under perfect circumstances. It could take more than a minute when there is little foliage. The iPhone 14 Pro comes with a free, two-year subscription to emergency SOS via satellite.

Antennas on the iPhone 14 Pro may connect to satellite frequencies thanks to hardware and software that Apple created. Also, Apple developed a compression system that shrinks text messages by three times to increase transmission speed due to the limited bandwidth.

iPhone 14 Pro transmits your text message to emergency response providers through a sophisticated infrastructure on the ground. Some people only accept messages. Apple set up emergency relay centers with Apple-trained professionals who call for assistance on your behalf for those who don’t.

You can now use Find My to communicate your position through satellite if you’re on an expedition without cell coverage so that friends and family know where you are.

Crash Detection calls for help when you can’t.

The iPhone 14 has the ability to recognize a serious auto accident, dial 911, and alert your emergency contacts.

How iPhone feels, hear, and measure a crash?

Sudden speed shifts

A new high-g accelerometer can detect 256 Gs of very strong accelerations or decelerations.

Cabin pressure changes

The barometer can detect pressure variations brought on by airbag deployment.

Abrupt changes in direction

A gyroscope with a high dynamic range keeps track of abrupt changes in a car’s orientation.

Loud sound levels of impact

The microphone recognizes the loud impact sounds while you’re driving. Everything is processed on your iPhone for privacy reasons.

Laboratory Crash Test

By conducting head-on, rear-end, side-impact, and rollover crash testing, Apple has created the most cutting-edge motion algorithms.

Real-world crash data

In order to make Crash Detection as precise as possible, Apple analyzed publicly available crash data from incidents.


In order to make Crash Detection as precise as possible, Apple analyzed publicly available crash data from incidents. 


The super-fast processor in iPhone 14 is the same as that in iPhone 13 Pro Max.

A15 Bionic’s 5-core GPU drives all the newest features and provides a seamless experience for AR applications and visually demanding games. Your Face ID data, contacts, and other private information are protected by the Secure Enclave in A15 Bionic.

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