ChartLogic EMR Vs ZOLL emsCharts: are they really worth

As a medical professional, a lot is on your mind when you think about improving your practice for the patients and your employees. We understand that and know choosing the right software to assist your practice is a priority. ChartLogic EMR and ZOLL emsCharts are wonderful in what they do, but are they really worth it? Let’s take a look.


ChartLogic EMR Software


ChartLogic is a collection of electronic health records (EHR) and practice management software for healthcare providers, such as physicians, nurses, and other medical staff. Healthcare practitioners can use ChartLogic to keep track of patient visits, collect vital signs, manage medications, schedule appointments, and create patient charts.


ChartLogic EMR Features




You may rapidly create customized specialty-specific notes using ChartLogic’s voice dictation feature. With the integrated PrecisionVoice technology, clinicians, medical professionals, and other administrators can take notes and improve their processes without needing a pen, pencil, or computer.


ChartLogic Labs


The ChartLogic Labs tool allows medical practitioners to execute lab orders, review findings, set up test groups for frequent testing, and produce reports all in one location. By integrating with Change Healthcare’s Clinical Network, the ChartLogic Labs module links hospitals and labs, eliminating the need for time-consuming point-to-point interfaces and management issues.




Users can benefit from ChartLogic’s user-friendly dashboard, which presents all pertinent information on a single page through the practice’s four essential components—Physician To-Dos, Patient Information, Managed IT, Active Care, and Calendar.


ChartLogic EMR Pricing


ChartLogic’s price tiers range from $100 to $500 per provider per month at the moment. The specific cost is determined by the features and modules that a medical practice needs.


ChartLogic EMR Demo


A demo lets you see the full-fledged mode of the features mentioned above, what they offer, and how they offer. All of this can be unlocked with a demo. So go ahead and schedule it now.


ChartLogic EMR Reviews


Many user evaluations have praised ChartLogic as a HIPAA-compliant software because of how simple it is to use and how easy to navigate the layout.


ZOLL ems Charts Software


ZOLL ems CHARTS is a cloud-based software tool for electronic patient care reporting (ePCR). Doctors can automatically gather patient data in real-time using the EMR software by importing demographic, health, and insurance data from various healthcare systems. With the program’s cutting-edge features, your staff may record patient care from anywhere and immediately transmit data to the cloud.


ZOLL emsCharts Features




Your medical director can have access to your involvement in ZOLL emsCHARTS during the QA process. Also, this feature promptly notifies the user if they enter data erroneously or neglect a field throughout the PCR process. Better yet, you can rapidly create filters to route the appropriate people to PCR reviews.


PCR Updates


It is straightforward to deliver your patients’ PCRs to the appropriate area with ZOLL ems CHARTS. The PCRs can be sent to the hospital, the state, and the billing vendor with just a few clicks.


Workflow Administration


Thanks to the software, you may adhere to data management requirements and automatically send data to your state. With the help of the software, you may manage your patients’ records and other important data in various ways.


ZOLL emsCharts Pricing


You can learn more about the software pricing plans by clicking the “Get Pricing” button.


ZOLL emsCharts Demo


By clicking the “Watch Demo” button, you may see a live software demo that shows you how to use the program’s features. There is no free version or trial available for the software.


ZOLL ems Charts Reviews


Online evaluations for the software are overwhelmingly favorable. The software is well-liked by users, who claim that it saves them time while modifying or gathering patient data.


ChartLogic EMRVs. ZOLL emsCharts Software—Final Thoughts


Many healthcare professionals and small to medium-sized medical offices use the popular EMRsoftware ChartLogic. Medical professionals may easily streamline clinical operations with its customizable and user-friendly features, ensuring paperless workflow. Because ChartLogic is a cloud-based program, users can connect to it online and access it from remote servers. This makes it simpler to operate and update the software and enables access to it from any device with an internet connection for healthcare providers.


If you are a doc that hates paperwork, then you can benefit greatly from the ZOLL emsCHARTS software’s extensive features. You may easily sync data to the cloud using the ZOLL ems CHARTS Software, and you can document patient care from any place using a mobile app. Additionally, it has a user interface that is fully customizable without using any settings. Hence, ZOLL emsCHARTS software is the way to go if you’re looking for medical software that allows you to collect and manage your patients’ information in one place.


Do you have it all figured out? If not, contact us, and we will gladly assist you!

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