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Choose Microwave Oven Require Less Repair Service 

For your better microwave oven repair service which works for long term there are some tips before you start shopping for your new Microwave oven, several criteria should be taken into consideration. In fact, the process of cooking, cleaning or consumption are all things that cannot be ignored to satisfy your product.


About Cooking Natural Convection:

Your choice for microwave oven repair service based on which Microwave oven you want to use, and your cooking method. Note that the natural convection 

Microwave Oven Is Dedicated To Recipes: 


  • Cooking and heating elements intended for cooking pizza dough, bread and meat 
  • For cooking and heating elements intended for cooking desserts and pastries.
  • Grilling is intended for “gratin” type dishes. Rotisserie cooking for roasted meats.

For ventilated multifunction Microwave ovens, they allow you to cook food quickly at low temperatures and are more convenient, especially for prepared foods. Automated programs are already implemented: 

  • Special pizza event 
  • For special baking event 
  • Specific and special white meat program 
  • That kind of cleaning 

Cleaning Modes Can Propose According To Your Usage Preferences: 

Manual cleaning using sponges and specific cleaning products. Cleaning by catalysis which is an automatic Microwave oven cleaning that occurs during cooking when the final temperature exceeds 200 °C. Cleaning by pyrolysis which is also the automatic cleaning of the Microwave oven thanks to a program designed for it. The furnace heats up (generally 500 degrees Celsius) to burn fuel and dirt.

The Volume Of Your Microwave Oven: 

This method basically depends on your usage. We usually talk about a small Microwave oven when the volume is less than 45 liters (compact Microwave oven). The so-called “standard” volume ranges between 45 and 60 liters. Although the large volumes are more than 60 liters and provide cooking comfort as they allow you to cook a large amount of food at the same time.

Energy Consumption: 

The energy class of the Microwave oven will determine its electricity consumption. (from A to G) Class A is the most expensive class and therefore the most beneficial to your electricity bill. Now, most Microwave ovens are class A.

  • Button on the programmer 
  • Each generator has its own program and this varies according to the model. However, there are two main types of programmers: 
  • Manual producers use fingers with scales 

Complete and comprehensive electronic programmers. Most built-in Microwave ovens these days have electronic timers and have an intelligent LCD display to navigate the Microwave oven’s menu system. 

Open the Microwave Oven: 

Most Microwave oven doors open from top to bottom and can be used as a tray. However, some Microwave ovens have doors that have a different opening mechanisms (example: the door opens on the left or right). There is still the last and most expensive innovation where we will see the bottom of the Microwave oven going down to the top: the Microwave oven that lifts up.

The Front Surface Of Your Microwave Oven is Either: 

 Stainless Steel: 

There are more and more stainless steel Microwave ovens that are popular and bring modernity to your kitchen appliances. In addition to cleanliness, it is vibration and heat resistant and has an impressive anti-fingerprint function. Before you buy your Microwave oven, keep these features in mind and find out which ones are important in your daily life, so you don’t get disappointed.


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