Disability Care Platform Is A Set Of Tools and Supports

Disability Care Platform Is A Set Of Tools and Supports To Facilitate Coordinated Caregiving

It’s a sure bet that virtual disability care will become far more significant to efficient care delivery for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. New shifts toward virtual network of support, and a greater reliance on remote monitoring technology are now permanent fixtures. Many different changes are expected to take place gradually over next 10 years.

Platform For Individuals With Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

The disability care platform conceptualized by Charting the LifeCourse framework, is a bold platform within an end-to end life planning and disability support system that is forward-looking; and built with the agility and insights needed to keep pace with your goals.

The platform does not only offer ability of use, create, and manage a team of supporters for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. It also uses goals, places & events, and clubs it with the team management aspects.

The person-centered design of the life-planning and disability care platform means that individuals are placed at the heart of their care and support. Along with ownership of their outcomes and action plans as the foundation of a multi-disciplinary approach that involves families and friends.

Member Gain Access To Tools and Supports

Once you subscribe to the life-planning and disability care platform the subscriber (or member) gain access to a range of tools and supports.

  • Coordinated Caregiving From One Dashboard

A member has the option to permit their entire network of support have access to the individual’s dashboard. In this way those in your network can participate in providing a coordinated caregiving and help the individual accomplish day to day tasks. What’s more the caregiving platform allows the subscriber to collaborate with family, friends and professionals using customizable permission levels to control each team member’s level of access.

  • Conjuring Up A Vision and Making A Road Map

Before an individual starts using the platform to coordinate care, services, and supports, they need to first build a plan that defines what are your life goals what you want from life. Your Charting the LifeCourse experience is initiated with a ‘LifeCourse Charting Session’ where you will first conjure up a vision and then make a roadmap how you’re going to achieve by coordinated support of your caregiving team. The plan you have built can be easily referenced from the dashboard. In this way, while you navigate the process of coordinating daily life and care, your vision and what you want out of life stays in the centerstage of any activities you do.

The Bottom Line

This coordinating care platform for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities allows the subscriber to meet team members on the dashboard. Then from that dashboard itself the individual can schedule events, form and track goals, and also call for support when it’s needed. A subscriber can also set alters for oneself or one’s team to get notifications to retrospect one’s experiences, while also interacting with your team members right from your dashboard. All the data such as plan details, team members details, as well as details of how to best support you are kept safely in one database and accessible from the subscriber’s dashboard.

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