Eyebrow Do’s and Don’ts: Shape and Tint

Eyebrows are usually one of the best features of the face, and thus takes the same amount of work and effort to keep it looking good. Bold and fierce eyebrows are the current trend in fashion, and it takes some time to achieve it. People can have different types of eyebrows just like everybody has a different type off ace. Thus, one should choose an eyebrow style, keeping in mind their face and eye shape as well as the thickness of the eyebrows.

There are lots of things that women can do to make their eyebrows look good. Tweezing, threading, waxing, staining with eyebrow dye for eyebrows are some of their options. You can either do all this at home on your own. However, it can a bit risky and might need some practice as well. Therefore, it is always beneficial to take help from the professionals. There are two steps to get those perfect eyebrows; shaping and tinting.

What is Shaping?

Shaping the eyebrow henna corresponds to give it a shape that one vies for. It includes cutting the bushy ends and shaping it as it will define the arch of the brow properly. Shaping can include threading, waxing or tweezing and it completely depends on the person’s preference as well as the pain tolerance.

Do’s and Don’ts in Shaping :

Some of The Things to Keep in Mind While Shaping Are:

· Do’s :

– Take Professional Help: It is always better to find a professional to shape the eyebrows as eyebrows are very easy to mess up. A good professional will know exactly how to bring the perfect shape without compromising with the thickness.

– Natural Peak: The peak of the eyebrows differs from one to another so it is always best to go with the natural arch to get that natural and effortless look.

– Brow Gel: Using the right brow gel will keep the brow set for the entire day by accentuating the shape even more perfectly.

· Don’ts :

– Not Before an Event: If you are going for an eyebrow shaping appointment, then do not go just before any important event. Because shaping can cause redness or puffiness due to tugging and pulling.

– No Need to Match: Sometimes both the eyebrows may not match exactly. Indeed, trying to match them can lead to over waxing for plucking. This can ruin both the eyebrows rather than getting repaired. For this reason, avoid over matching the brows.

What is Tinting?

Sometimes people tend to go for tinting and coloring the brows to match the color of the hair and brows. This may result to get the exact color of the brows or modify the brow color to an extent. You can also fill any kind of brow gap or hide any type of scar mark using a henna eyebrow tint.

Do’s and Don’ts in Tinting :

Few Points to Keep in Mind Before Tinting Are:

· Do’s :

– Choose the Color: Before hitting the salon for the appointment, decide what color you want.

– Choose a Professional: There are various tinting kits available in the markets for a DIY project, but keep in mind that only a professional can handle any type of situation in a better way.

– Clean the Brows: Before going to the salon, make sure that the brows are completely clean so that the tint can get absorbed in a proper way.

· Don’ts :

– Avoid Sun and Water: Do not visit a swimming pool or any beach just after getting the brows tinted since sun, chlorine, salt, etc, can lead to a shorter span of the tint.

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