Facts About Deep Wave Hair That Will Blow Your Mind

The curly hair trend has taken over and become ubiquitous. Back in the 90s, bouncy, coily curls were all the rage and adorned by both white and black celebrities. Nowadays, we’re in the midst of a natural hair movement that advocates for embracing the flirtatious energy of curly deep wave hairstyles and pushing boring straight hair aside.

If you’re feeling stuck in a hairstyle rut and seeking inspiration for deep wave protective hairstyles, take a look at these celebrity curly hairstyles. And don’t worry if you have straight hair; you can use deep wave hair to add volume and stunning waves effortlessly. This wash-and-go texture holds curls and waves beautifully, even with flat irons. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of length combinations to create your perfect look using pure curly loose deep wave hair. 

What is Deep Wave Hair?

Best Deep Wave Hair
Best Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave hair has a full and healthy appearance with a beautiful sheen, and it flows like a regular weave with body waves. However, it has tighter curls than body wave, making it an excellent choice if you want to add more hair to your natural hair. The deep wave blends well with your hair, creating a bomb and thick look. To keep your deep waves in good condition, it’s important to maintain it properly and take good care of it. This will help to extend the lifespan of your hair.

How to Style a Deep Wave Wig?

Styling Deep Wave Wig
Styling Deep Wave Wig

Similar to natural hair, deep wave wigs offer a range of styling options. You can use heat styling tools like hot tools deep waver, hair dryers to create various looks. Alternatively, you can apply styling products such as mousse or gel to add texture and hold. However, it’s crucial to treat your deep wave wig gently to avoid any potential hair damage. Opting for protective hairstyles is an effective way to maintain healthy and bouncy curls. Among the various protective hairstyles, buns are the quickest and easiest to execute. With a hair tie, brush, and styling products, you can effortlessly tame your curls. Spraying your hair with water beforehand can make the process even smoother, and your curls will remain well-defined.

How to Maintain and Care for Your Deep Wave Wig ?

  1. After mastering how to wear your deep wave wig regularly, it’s equally important to learn how to take proper care of it. You should treat your deep wave wig just as you would your natural hair. Human hair wigs designed for deep wave styles, such as the deep wave frontal wig from Indique, require comparable care. This includes regular washing, conditioning, and styling to maintain its stunning and natural appearance. 
  2. Proper maintenance for your deep wave wig entails keeping it hydrated and avoiding shedding and matting. Use sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to clean the wig, and avoid blow-drying it on high heat. Never brush your wig when it’s wet, and instead use a microfiber towel to pat it dry and absorb excess moisture.
  3. Moisture is critical for your deep wave wig, especially if you plan to spend time in the sun. Use deep moisturizing balms to help your hair retain moisture and prevent frizz. Matting is caused by hair becoming duller, thinner, and drier from interactions, brushing, or sun damage. Tangling is common with curly hair, but you should never brush your wig when it’s wet. Let it dry completely and then gently use a brush to detangle it.
  4. Preventing frizzing, matting, tangling, and shedding is essential to ensure your deep wave wig lasts a year or more with regular use. Occasionally, you can switch things up and turn your wig into a protective hairstyle to maintain your deep wave wig. The same tips can be used to care for deep wave extensions. Good luck on your deep wave journey!
  5. To avoid heat damage while styling your hair, it’s important to apply a heat protectant before using hot tools such as deep wavers, blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. The high temperatures from these tools can change the structure of your hair’s keratin strands. For added protection and moisture, you can try using Indique’s thermal strengthening serum, which helps to strengthen and smooth your hair during heat styling.
  6. Taking care of your scalp is crucial for maintaining healthy, revitalized curls. To promote strong and healthy hair growth, consider using a serum that contains essential nutrients such as peppermint, aloe, and natural oils. These ingredients can help stimulate your scalp and reduce breakage, fall-out, and excessive shedding, leading to stronger, more resilient curls.

Benefits of Deep Wave Hair 

Deep Waves Benefits
Deep Waves Benefits
  • Provides more body and depth to your hair, giving you the volume and bounce you desire. It is an excellent option if you have experienced hair loss or want to achieve a fresher and more voluminous look by blending naturally with your curls.
  • Offers versatility in styling as you can use hairspray to get ready for holiday events quickly. With proper care, deep wave extensions can last throughout the year. You can straighten it for a different look and easily get your curls back afterward. Deep wave extensions are suitable for short or long hair, and there is room to experiment with various styles.
  • Has lower maintenance requirements compared to most curly hair extensions. Maintaining the pattern and style of curly extensions often requires significant effort. However, deep wave extensions have looser curls, making them relatively easier to maintain. You still need to care for both the extensions and your natural hair, but you do not have to worry about them drying out like kinky hair.

Types of Deep Wave Hair

Some Types of Deep Wave Hair
Some Types of Deep Wave Hair
  1. Brazilian Deep Wave Hair: Brazilian deep waves is known for its natural thickness, softness, and durability. It has a deep curl pattern that is tighter than body wave hair, but looser than curly hair. It can be easily straightened or curled with heat styling tools, and it holds its curls well.
  2. Peruvian Deep Wave Hair: Peruvian deep waves is known for its natural luster and shine. It has a deep curl pattern that is tighter than Brazilian deep wave hair, but looser than curly hair. It is lightweight and soft to the touch, and it can be easily styled with heat styling tools.
  3. Indian Deep Wave Hair: Indian deep wave is known for its natural texture and volume. It has a deep curl pattern that is tighter than Malaysian deep wave hair, but looser than curly hair. It is soft and bouncy to the touch, and it can be easily styled with heat styling tools.


As much as deep wave is loved by women, it is a task to achieve the gorgeous texture. Check out the facts about deep wave mentioned in the blog and get the best out of this texture. If you want to achieve deep wave effortlessly, check out the hair extensions at Indique Hair Store. Visit the website today and get your hands on a wide range of hairpieces at affordable prices.

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