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Human beings are improving in the technological field day by day. Human resources are converting into machine power. The coiling machine is one of the most popular examples of it. Some companies worldwide are producing top-quality coiling machines which save time and produces a lot.


Tying up with SIMPACKS (USA), Supermac produces good quality wire coiling machine and other types of machinery. They offer various control options in the coiling machines. Let’s find out the controlling options briefly.


Controlling Options

The Supermac Company produces automatic coiling machine In India, South East Asia, and Africa. The controlling options they use to provide are:


Ready to work

The coiling machines Supermac produces are ready to work in line with the Extrusion line or rewinding application. This controlling option makes it unique from the other coiling machines.


Precision winding and Tension Control

Tension is a major factor when you are operating a coiling machine. Without a fluent service, the machine can cause severe damage to products. Supermac’s precision winding and tension control options make it more flexible and durable as a wire coiling machine.


Digital Counter

It is one of the unique features of their coiling machines. They provide a digital counter and coiling machines, which help to read the exact number of manufacturing products.


PLC controller

Supermac provides a PLC controller in their coiling machines. A PLC or programmable logic controller is a small, modular solid-state computer with customized instructions that performs an instructed task. The use of PLC in their coiling machines makes the product unique.


Color Touch Screen or Operation

The automatic coiling machine of Supermac have a color touch screen which helps the operations more genuinely. In addition, they provide troubleshooting and alarm features along with their coiling machines, which protect from any serious damage.


Built-in Products Recipe

Saving and recalling the coil parameters is one of the vital controlling issues in a coiling machine. Therefore, Supermac provides a built-in product recipe to make the feature happen. You can recall the coil parameters easily with this controlling option.


Coiler Control

It’s not always about one single type of cable for coiling. You may have to process different types of special cables. It may include round, flat, flexible, telephone, battery, armored, or steel cable. Therefore, the coiler controlling option of the automatic coiling machines of Supermac helps to process all these special cables using the machine.


Short length processor

It’s not always needed to produce the long length of coils. Sometimes, you may need short and small lengths. Therefore, you can avail of your desired length with the coiling machines of Supermac. It can produce your desired one.


Optional Controlling Options

Supermac adds some optional controlling options in the coiling machines. These are adjustable coil height, automatic label, strap selection, and auto film. You can avail of these controlling options as per your requirement. Such optional options make the product more unique and trustworthy.

Supermac provides another wire coiling machine in the shape of an automatic duel-head coiling machine. Let’s talk about it.


Automatic duel-head coiling machines

Supermac’s automatic duel-head coiling machine is another best-seller. They make a design for reliable production. In addition, these machines have a high reel change-over facility. Automatic duel-head coiling machines can work independently from a line control, providing easy adaptation and fast installation to any line. However, the features and controlling options are almost the same as the above.



In conclusion, you can avail of their wire coiling machines for your state of the purpose of business. Moreover, Supermac’s automatic coiling machines come at an affordable price, making them more in demand in the market. 

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