Instructions on How to Draw An Old Man Easily

How to Draw An Old Man. Drawing people can be challenging at best. This is especially true if you’re drawing an older person since they’ll usually strike a different type of pose than someone younger.

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This can make learning to draw a frustrating old-school endeavour.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult either, and that’s what we’ll show you in this tutorial. You will want to see it to the end!

How to Draw An Old Man

Step 1

For this first step of our guide on how to draw an older man, we’ll start with the head and face. First, use a smooth curved line for the bald part of the head.

Next, use smaller curved lines for her eyelid and add her big nose. Then, under the nose, there will be a small moustache; you can add a sharp chin under it.

On the other side of her head, we also drew you the shape of her hair with the rounded ear. Finish by drawing some short lines for her neck, and then we can move on to the next step!

Step 2

You have the outline of your old drawing, so now we can start adding more details.

First, use some rounded lines for her half-closed eye on the right side, and then add a thick brow on top.

We will also add curved lines around the eyes to make a face look more weathered.

Next, draw some more on the neck and add small line details on his neck. Finally, we’ll finish this step by drawing the shirt collar at the base of his neck.

Step 3

We will move away from the head since we will focus more on the arms and chest in this step of our guide on drawing an older man.

As you draw, remember that the left arm is bent backward while the right rests on its stick.

With that in mind, use some curved lines to draw his shirt’s fabric in the position we see in the reference image.

Next, you can draw the chest and waist, and then we’ll finish by drawing the hands at the ends of the sleeves.

Try to keep his body at the angle in the picture, showing that he is a little hunched over.

Step 4

Continuing with your old drawing, let’s draw his first leg and his cane. Use a ruler to run the sides down perfectly straight for his walking stick.

It will also have a small rubber patch at the base that you can draw as a small rectangle.

Next, draw a thin waistband for him just below his waist before starting on the first leg. This leg is drawn to show that it moves forward when walking.

Because of the placement, we also see the bottom of his shoe, which he wears on that leg. Once you’ve drawn those aspects, the next step we’re ready for some final details!

Step 5

In this fifth step of our guide on drawing an older man, we will finish the last details and touches before coloring him for the next step.

This leg will extend backward to show further it’s going, and we will bend the show on it to show it’s halfway there.

Once we’ve pulled that leg, we’re good to go! Before doing that, you can also add some details and elements.

What kind of background setting can you think of for this older man? You could even draw other characters next to him!

Step 6

This is the last step in drawing your old man; we will finish with some colour. In our reference image, we’ve opted for more muted colours like light yellows and browns for her clothing, and you could opt for a similar look if you’d like.

You can even use some unique colours if you like, so get creative and make this image exactly how you want it!

Your Old Man Drawing is Finished!

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