Kaftans: What are They, Cut, Style, And Material

Many people know about the term Kaftans. However, many may not be entirely sure that they know about it. In this blog, information about Kaftans is given. It may help you understand what a kaftan is and more. If you are thinking about wearing a Kaftan for the first time, reading this blog may encourage you to wear it soon.

What is a Kaftan?

A kaftan is also known as a caftan, and it is a type of tunic or robe. It originated in Asia, and since then, people of many different cultures have worn kaftans. It has been thousands of years since are in use. You can search about the history of a online and you may get to know many interesting facts about it.

Why not dig some more into the topic and know about the basics of kaftans? It may help in reducing any misconceptions you may have about wearing a kaftan. After reading this blog, you may actually like to try wearing a Kaftan if you have not yet. The style tips given below may make things easier regarding wearing Kaftan.


Many people may fear that they may get lost in it if they wear a kaftan, given Kaftans may appear to be the free size and have a lot of fabric. Earlier this may not be the case, but now some companies offer fitted. As such, one may match the size chart provided by the company to their measurements and choose the Kaftan accordingly.

You can search for “Kaftans with different sizes and styles” online and may find Kaftans with various sizes and styles. When it comes to variety, a wide variety is available in online shops and markets.


In earlier times, were freestyle and were mostly meant for resort and loungewear. However, in today’s time, one may find many categories of Kaftans. With the presence of various categories, it may be easier to choose, buy and wear for first-time buyers. As with categories, one may choose to buy a Kaftan that suits their requirements.

The categories of may include: kaftan nightwear, kaftan beachwear, kaftan resort wear, kaftan kurtas, kaftan maternity wear, kaftan tunics, kaftan party wear, kaftan casual wear and kaftan kids wear. You can search for a particular style of Kaftan online and you may get happily surprised by the availability.


Wearing a Kaftan may be a very comfortable experience for many. However, the material of the Kaftan can make a lot of difference in one’s experience of wearing a Kaftan. For a good experience, one may choose to buy and wear Kaftans with materials such as cotton, satin, viscose and modal fabrics. Made with good-quality materials may provide comfort and good breathability.

Gipci is an online store with a wide variety to buy. They sell colourful embroidered kaftans, plus size, monotone caftan dresses, house dresses on clearance, embroidered tunic dresses, hand-embroidered, and summer kaftan dresses.


Who wears kaftans?

Although the kaftan originated in ancient Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), various West and Southwest Asian ethnic groups have worn it. It can be worn with a sash and be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton.


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