Learn All About Types Of Gear-Cutting Tools And Its Types

Metal, plastic, and wood are the most common materials used to make gears. Although gear-cutting toolingis required, many metal and plastic gears are manufactured without cutting using die-casting or injection molding methods, while others require additional machining. Casting, stamping, machining, and powder metallurgical procedures can all be used to make gears. The most common and accurate technique of producing gear-cutter toolsis done through hobbling, broaching, milling, and grinding.


Types of Gear cutting tools

Gear Broaching

Large-sized gears are utilized in the broaching process. This technique is known as the vertical or spline broach-based technique. The broaching procedure is the ideal choice if you are trying to create the tooth shape of gears. For creating internal gears and splines, broaching is the best method. For each part, a suitable broaching tool should be utilized to get the desired results. Although expensive, this procedure is effective when a lot of gears are needed at once.


Gear Hobbing

The most frequent method of cutting gears using a hob, the gear hobbing process involves shortening the gears to allow for a full revolution. The gears’ teeth are reduced during this process to improve performance. Highlights of gear hobbling include the face,  bevel, straight, chamfering, and crown. It is the most exact and accurate method of producing gears. All sizes and types can be handled by this method. It is without a doubt the preferred method of gear cutting.


Grinding Procedure

In this method, the grinder and mill are used in tandem to cut the gears. Using this method, the helical form of gears may be made quickly and efficiently. This is executed by rapidly rubbing a rough surface on a piece of metal to remove unnecessary material from the gear. Many individuals like this method because it offers flexibility and accuracy, which are difficult to find in other processes.


Shaping of gear

Gear shaping is a vital step in the gear-cutting process that involves trimming and smoothing the gears so that they can function in any sort of machinery. Although being the oldest gear-cutting technique, it is still widely used because of the extreme simplicity it provides to its customers. With this technique, the cutting tool is fashioned into the contour of a tooth. The gear shaper machine’s pinion-shaped cutter is the other.


Finish Procedures

In this method, the final cutting, shaving, etc. process is carried out. The gear will be suitable for usage in various machines as a result. High-speed operating is efficient and noiseless. The classic methods for polishing gears include grinding, lapping, honing, shaving, and burning.



To ensure that gear cutting is done in the smoothest, most exact, and most precise way possible, various instruments are used during each phase. This will make it easier for industries to access numerous gears that may be employed for a variety of tasks. So, based on the kind of gear required for one’s machinery, one must select the gear-cutting tools. Also, one should only place their trust in reputable and knowledgeable Indian gear-cutting tool makers because only they can fulfill their customers’ needs.


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