LEGO Bricktales And Some Personal Opinions

One of the best ways to pass the day is by playing LEGO Bricktales and building LEGO. Seeing a set of plastic bricks combine to create a great design in some way is quite satisfying. that, that, not sometimes Hence, unlike the majority of earlier LEGO games, LEGO Bricktales adopts an entirely different strategy. which, on the other hand, have become popular as humorous action-platformers with tie-ins from other parties. In place of well-known characters and cooperative fighting, it substitutes an original story and puzzles centered on building structures. It’s practically like constructing LEGOs, even while battling the camera or completing challenging mission objectives.


A Lego game typically doesn’t center on the titular building toy. Lego A Builder’s Journey used the building-brick toys to convey a powerful story. Collaborations with various licensed properties have produced a large Traveller’s Tales game library. These games make LOTR and Marvel characters fun action-platformers. Amazingly, Lego Bricktales captures the sensation of handling Lego bricks. By teaching essential engineering principles in an engaging and amusing way, exactly like real Lego bricks, Lego Bricktales serves as a STEM toy. You are able to physically and tactilely test how well your diligent work holds up under duress by placing it in a virtual environment like this. You can feel the sturdiness of the interlocking brick mechanism in a manner that earlier games haven’t quite managed to capture.

Using physics-based building puzzles, Bricktales focuses on construction in five Lego-themed realms. Due to the incredible physics system, Lego blocks behave exactly how an experienced builder would anticipate. After a weight-bearing project is complete, test it by dropping something on it or having a robot step on it. If support struts weren’t built to make it more sturdy, the parts would simply disintegrate. The building might collapse if one step has a spacer that is too high and has enough fall velocity.

Character in LEGO Bricktales

In the video game LEGO Bricktales, you take on the role of a brick figure tasked with turning the eccentric grandfather’s home theme park back on before it was shut down permanently. Think of Doc Brown from Back to the Future, except instead of a modified DeLorean, Grandpa has built a gateway to take you to faraway places. Your goal is to help the locals in various biomes while collecting Happiness Crystals, which can be used to power the theme park’s attractions. Helping an archeologist explore a jungle temple, finding a long-lost pirate ship, and curing a nation of poisoned peasants are all in a day’s work when you’re trying to restore Grandpa’s park to its former grandeur.

Like Super Mario 3D World’s Captain Toad stages, LEGO Bricktales’ levels look like dioramas from afar. This LEGO game lacks platforming and battle, unlike most others. Instead, for a more realistic approach, LEGO Bricktales combines adventure and problem solving. As grounded as opening a portal to learn about the creation of electricity in the Middle Ages or in Ancient Egypt.

Build a set of LEGO steps, a lookout tower, or an amusement park ride to help you answer one of these puzzles. In LEGO Bricktales, characters frequently traverse gaps using bridges to solve issues. Which is not entirely unexpected given that Bridge Constructor series creator ClockStone is best known. Brick by brick, just like with actual LEGO sets, you complete this phase.

These LEGO constructions may be really meditative to build

It could be really tranquil when creating these works of art, just like in real life. These puzzles each feature a limited number of bricks in various shapes. Height and breadth limits apply. Physics and common sense require strong bridges, clean highways, and well-balanced hanging things. Any creation must be tested before completion to ensure it won’t collapse under test subjects’ weight (who happen to be adorable robots).

LEGO Bricktales’ most alluring features can also be its most challenging ones. Sometimes achieving the goals is more uncomfortable than fun, but putting together a challenging framework and then seeing it used as intended is incredibly satisfying. The test robots kept falling to the ground when my steps crumbled, so I once spent more than an hour building and tearing down a fire escape. Sometimes the reason something you made doesn’t work properly is not immediately apparent. You can be missing a single piece of reinforcement, or perhaps the entire structure is just flimsy. The answer might be easier to find if the camera controls were better, but as things are, I continually felt like I was wrestling with them to gain a better viewing angle.

Camera in LEGO Bricktales

Without a question, my biggest pet peeve with LEGO Bricktales’ building and exploration modes is the camera. The latter calls for a complete action pause so that you can zoom out and get a bird’s eye view of the situation. because it is impossible to move while using the camera. Hence, finding hidden spaces and corners might be laborious. LEGO Bricktales encourages you to go against the grain to get collectibles, which is awful. Happily, creating gives you greater control. Nonetheless, it may be tough to arrange the parts and detect the problem.


After you complete a building puzzle in sandbox mode, there isn’t really a need to go back and rebuild it. It relaxes the limitations and permits the usage of more components in various colors and designs. I wish there had been more originality and weirdness displayed in these challenges. Instead presenting the same collection of bright basic things repeatedly. Fair enough, the puzzles mimic the environment’s color scheme. So discovering a raft on the shore kept together by brown wood slabs is normal. Not all puzzles need unusual ingredients. They appear unicorn and rainbow-like. But, greater variety was desired.

Even yet, it’s simple to block out these annoyances and concentrate just on the experience. You can go back to old locations after earning new abilities to discover items that were previously unreachable. Similar to earlier LEGO games, it encourages animal collecting and exploration. Ladybugs, hermit crabs, bunnies, and other creatures give you plenty of reasons to go back to well-traveled trails. The narrative takes 12 to 15 hours to complete and is chock-full of fervor, humor, and astute allusions. The game runs smoothly on Steam Deck, and the adventure made more enjoyable by cloud saves.


A fantastic experience, LEGO Bricktales reinvents what a LEGO game can be. It’s unfortunate that it occasionally gets in its own way. It’s almost as much fun to build brick structures on the screen as it is in real life. And even when the camera’s limited capability or a difficult target irritated me. As I made progress, I was still chuckling and pumping my fist. There will always be a market for officially licensed LEGO adventure games. LEGO Bricktales is a welcome change of pace that I’d like to see more in geometry dash.

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