Practice Velocity EHR Software Review

Practice Velocity EHR Software offers a fully web-based urgent care EHR solution integrated with its PVM practice management system. This reduces the need for front desk staff to spend time on administrative duties, freeing up their time for patient care.


A good EHR is essential for managing the day-to-day operations of a healthcare organization. It can help you schedule appointments, handle billing and verification, and generate reports. It also allows you to communicate with your patients through online portals.

There are several types of EHR software, and each one focuses on a specific aspect of health care. For instance, practice management software handles administrative and office work while EHR software focuses on medical information.

Most vendors have a wide range of functionalities, so it is important to find the right ones for your business. The main features that you should consider include:

Appointment Scheduling – This feature automates appointment scheduling through a computer platform, allowing practitioners and patients to view and manage appointments, set reminders, and reschedule their sessions. It enables users to create multiple appointment files and customize them with color-coded labels, treatment progress reports, and other resources.

Charting & Documentation – The EHR features a variety of document templates, including pre-built dynamic and codeless options for different specialties. This functionality helps providers document patient visits quickly and efficiently while reducing paper usage.

RCM – The software features a robust RCM module that ensures proper reimbursement. It reduces the number of claims denials and improves the overall reimbursement process by aligning diagnoses, procedures, and drug prescriptions with industry-specific data standards.

The EHR also offers integrated medical record sharing, which enables users to share data with other physicians in the same clinic or across the country. This feature can improve communication with patients, increase revenue and reduce paperwork.

Patient Engagement – The EHR offers a patient portal that enables patients to access their health records, track their health, and request follow-ups. This can help increase the number of referrals, boost retention rates, and reduce hospital readmissions.

Chronic Problem Management – The EHR offers a new feature that allows doctors to chart and document a chronic problem, rather than episodic symptoms. This can help doctors provide prompt follow-ups and treat patients properly.

A good EHR should offer a flexible and scalable platform that will meet your evolving needs as your business grows. It should also be easy to configure and adjust. Talk about these factors with a vendor beforehand to ensure you’re getting the best fit for your needs.


Practice Velocity is a cloud-based urgent care EHR and billing system designed to help practitioners chart faster and work smarter. The software offers an array of features to streamline the office’s operations, from patient scheduling to EMR management and billing.

The system has an intuitive interface that allows providers to access patient data and make diagnoses quickly. It also supports a variety of specialized templates and forms, including SOAP notes and disability forms. Its support for compliance with regulations and industry standards ensures a secure cloud-based system.

In addition, it comes with a mobile app for easy access and reporting. The system is scalable, customizable, and backed by a support team to help providers get started.

It is recommended for urgent care and occupational medicine practices that need a robust, yet user-friendly EHR. Its streamlined workflow and flexible reporting capabilities are beneficial for both front desk staff and doctors.

This solution is a great choice for clinics that want to improve their efficiency and decrease costs. It also helps them keep track of the productivity of individual practitioners.

Texpress Urgent Care, an urgent care and emergency room in Huntsville, Alabama, selected Practice Velocity for their IT needs. The clinic opened in April and works to provide quality health services at a fair price.

The company also provides a range of other products and services to help urgent care centers improve their business. Its services include EHR / EMR / practice management software, urgent care billing & revenue cycle management, and urgent care startup consulting.

Like many EHR solutions, Practice Velocity is priced based on a subscription model that offers individual subscribers an option to customize their pricing based on their specific needs. This allows the vendor to build customized solutions for each practice, thereby reducing overall costs and increasing flexibility.

Another advantage of using an EHR solution is that it allows for easier, more accurate billing. This can lead to fewer errors and lower collection rates, helping to increase revenues for the practice.

The system can be integrated with other tools, such as laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy. It can also be used to share important files between physicians, staff, and patients, enhancing communication and decision-making abilities like practice pro.


Designed for urgent care and occupational medicine clinics, Practice Velocity EHR Software is a web-based system that allows practitioners to quickly and easily document patient encounters, order tests, and make diagnoses. It also offers built-in support for compliance with regulations and industry standards, including HIPAA and OSHA.

The implementation of Practice Velocity EHR Software involves three steps: setting up the solution, training staff, and going live. During setup, the vendor provides comprehensive training resources and customer support services. Once the system is fully implemented, practitioners can use the software to handle all aspects of their day-to-day operations.

For urgent care and occupational health providers, the implementation of Practice Velocity EHR Software will significantly improve their workflows. It will also help them save time and effort by not having to rummage through multiple patient files.

In addition, it will allow physicians and nurses to access crucial lab test images easily. This can lead to faster diagnostics and treatment plans, which can ultimately result in happier patients and better healthcare outcomes.

Practice Velocity EHR Software also features a patient portal that allows patients to schedule appointments online and providers to manage their schedules. It also includes a reporting and analytics module, which allows practitioners to track important business metrics and identify areas for improvement.

The company also offers to bill and contracting services for its clients. This service helps practices streamline the complexity of billing and coding, which leads to fast, accurate collections. It also enables practitioners to adjust tiered service levels for efficient revenue management. The company also offers a specialized set of templates and forms for urgent care and occupational medicine clinics.


Practice Velocity EHR Software offers customer support through live chat, email, and online help. It also offers training and tutorials to help new users get started. Its customer support team also offers a free trial and can answer questions during the trial period.

Practice Velocity’s urgent care EHR software includes a patient portal that enables patients to schedule appointments on their own time and access information on their mobile devices. It has a smart queuing feature that reduces wait times and improves patient satisfaction.

The system also provides a scheduling module that allows practitioners to manage their schedules efficiently. It also has reporting and analytics features that help practices track key performance indicators such as patient volume, revenue, and operational efficiency.

It also offers an automated coding tool that identifies and corrects billing errors. This component helps staff submit claims to payers correctly, which can cut down on denials and improve reimbursement rates.

To ensure that patients receive prompt follow-up, the software includes a chronic problem management feature. That lets providers chart and document patient care for a known ailment. This functionality is especially useful for primary care practices. They want to provide quick and effective treatment to patients with chronic problems.

This EHR is a good fit for solo or mid-sized urgent care clinics that have between 11 and 50 physicians. It is an integrated solution with a customizable interface and ICD-10-ready features.

Practice Velocity offers a variety of urgent care EMR, and practice management. And revenue cycle management solutions to help small to mid-sized clinics succeed. Their best-in-class solution is a cloud-based, subscription platform designed specifically for urgent care settings. It provides fast and flexible EMR, practice management, revenue management, and patient engagement capabilities. That enables practices to register patients, check insurance eligibility in real-time, and facilitate practice clients with split billing.

It is a KLAS Category Leader that offers an ICD-10-ready EMR and practice management system for urgent care practices. Its cloud-based urgent care software includes an appointment scheduling system, an automated coding tool, and patient portal capabilities.

It is a diversified, specialized urgent care software service provider that offers EMR/PM, business intelligence solutions, teleradiology, and RCM services for urgent care clinics coast-to-coast.

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