The Best Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi

Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi

Best Criminal lawyers in Delhi

Our legal system tries to ensure that everyone gets justice. Sometimes the decision of the lower courts may not be acceptable to certain people and they feel that law has not been fair to them. In such instances, they have the option of appealing their case to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi is the apex court and the last legal recourse available. Hence, it becomes necessary that the case here should be presented in the best possible manner.

At Sidhant Dhingra & Associates, we have a team of qualified lawyers, working under the guidance and supervision of Advocate Sidhant Dhingra who is an experienced Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi. Our team works tirelessly to build a strong and air tight case in favor of our clients.

We have a result-oriented approach towards all our cases. Mr. Sidhant Dhingra has passed his Supreme Court’s Advocate on Record exam and is a licensed Supreme Court advocate. He has been practicing and fighting cases in Supreme Court, High Court and District courts of Delhi since 2016. He has built a strong reputation for himself as a criminal lawyer in Delhi. His area of expertise lies in white collar criminal offences.

Mr. Dhingra is supported by a team of qualified and experienced lawyers, experts in various fields and many other useful assets, that help him build a good case in favor of his client. Our entire team is determined to provide our clients with only the best judicial solutions in all cases.

What We Need from Our Clients

Mostly people appealing in the Supreme court are the one who are not happy with the decision of the lower courts. In order to file an appeal in the Supreme Court against the lower court judgment, we will need all the details of the lower court case. Knowledge of the complete history of the case is very important for us. Therefore, when contacting us, you must bring along the case file, containing all the information that we will need to understand the case. The case file helps us get up to date with everything that has happened in the case till date, understanding the reason for the unfavorable result and helps figure out the way to appeal in the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Advocate Fee

Cases that reach the Supreme Court are of utmost importance. There is no further scope for appeal, hence, the lawyers fighting these cases need to be the best. As per law, a Supreme Court advocate should not just clear the bar exam, but also qualify the AOR exam. He needs to have a minimum of 4 years of experience to back him. This makes the services of Supreme Court lawyers more expensive than lower court lawyers. Mr. Sidhant Dhingra is the leader of the company, and your cases in the Supreme Court are handled by him personally. In him you get the services of the best criminal lawyer in Delhi.

Easy Solutions for Complex Problems

Cases in the Supreme court are complex and cover various law fields and jurisdictions. Our team handling the Supreme Court cases is well qualified and experienced to understand these jurisdictions and handle such complicated cases. We have a solution for all legal problems of our clients. We believe in guiding our clients through the legal procedures smoothly and without giving them much stress.

Why Hire Us

Our Supreme Court Advocate, Mr. Sidhant Dhingra, is an expert issue solver. We study each case in depth and accordingly plan the way forward We build customized strategies for each case and engage the most effective legal methodologies to get the best results for our clients. We have the answers for the widest range of legal questions. Not just inside the courts, we try to find the best solutions outside the courts as well. If possible, we do help our clients in settling their cases out of court in order to save them from all the complications and stress of legal battles.

Mr. Sidhant Dhingra has over the years established his name as a strong Supreme Court Lawyer in Delhi. His strong arguments, details preparations for each case and great presentation skills inside the courtroom, have made him the best criminal lawyer in Delhi.

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