The Ahegao Hoodie Fashion For Men


I suppose you could say that the hood serves as a charging cable access point in terms of functionality. Who, though, are we kidding? It’s just very cute.

It is available in white or black for the fashion-conscious, to match or accent the color of your controller. Although I like the faux-camo design on the white one, I do like the Bright green lining on the black one. The Ahegao Hoodie Fashion For Men

Only $24.99, or approximately half as much as the controller itself, will get you a little jacket for your controller. And before you laugh, Ahegao Faces

the first batch of these items has already been consumed, so someone is undoubtedly purchasing them. Orders placed now will be delivered by the end of February.

These should fit your Switch or PlayStation controller as well, but you are aware of the limitations of cross-brand size.

This Hacker Hoodie Uses Surveillance Camera Parts to Blind Surveillance Cameras

Using infrared LEDs often seen in surveillance cameras, the “Camera Shy Hoodie” makes its user invisible to night vision cameras. The Ahegao Hoodie Fashion For Men

A privacy advocate and engineer have developed a way to blind surveillance cameras using a crucial component.

A Homemade anti-surveillance sweatshirt designed by Mac Pierce features 12 powerful infrared LEDs sewed close to the hood.

The wearer may activate an in-sleeve switch to cause the LEDs to flash, blinding any adjacent security cameras at night and filling them with infrared light.  The Ahegao Hoodie Fashion For Men

His most recent privacy wearable is Pierce’s hoodie, which is part of a trend that also includes ballcaps, anti-facial recognition cosmetics, and clothing

that throw off automatic license plate scanners and object identification.

The wearer and anybody close won’t be able to detect that the Camera Shy Hoodie is on since it employs infrared light.

Hoodie Fashion

According to Pierce, night vision security cameras are calibrated to detect infrared light. “In order for them to see in the dark.

It blows out the sensor by reflecting enough light back at them, which prompts the cameras’ auto exposure to attempt a correction. losing the ability to define

the scene in the perspective. Making everything inside it unrecognizable, as well.

Pierce open-sourced the programming that ran the hoodie and made all the software and plans related to its products available under a Creative Commons license.

As for the infrared floodlight for these cameras, Pierce said, “the one really key tricky component is the IR LED that I chose.

In the past, Pierce invented the “Opt-Out Cap,” a cap intended to make its user invisible to face recognition technology.

I sincerely hope that those who “have a solid reason to” do so. Pierce remarked. “I want them to have the freedom to demonstrate without fear of punishment. I believe that is the best application for it.”Surveillance technology has developed to the point where it is so strong and widespread. We’re only now coming to the realization that perhaps we don’t want this thing to be as potent as it is, Pierce added. “The reason I made this public is that I want others to be able to look at this project and see that these technologies aren’t perfect. We can resist them in a few different ways.

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