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The world economy is struggling with historically high inflation, sluggish growth, and rising energy costs. According to experts, India seems to be a respite in the current circumstances. 

New research by Morgan Stanley India claims that India’s economy and stock market will be the 3rd largest in the world by the decade’s end.

At this point, finding the right strategy to increase the stock market gains is essential. One such tactic is to purchase growth stocks. 

What are growth stocks?

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Growth stocks are the shares of businesses or organizations whose revenues and earnings are anticipated to increase much quicker than those of average companies operating in the market or the relevant industry.

Due to their potential to increase investors’ wealth quickly and assist them in reaching their financial objectives, growth stocks are among the most popular investment alternatives today. 

Fast-growing businesses generally have strong leadership teams prioritizing innovation and profitable market prospects.

The company uses new technology that is more productive and efficient than previous technology, providing the company with an advantage over competitors and being fueled by rising adoption.

What are the characteristics of growth stocks?

Understanding their qualities and traits is crucial to choose the best growth stocks in India. The following are the essential qualities of high-growth stocks:

  • As their name indicates, growth stocks promise much higher growth than other stocks. This suggests that these stocks rise considerably more quickly than the other stocks on the market. Traders can also do intraday trading on growth stocks. 
  • Growth companies typically do not pay dividends; even when they do, the amount is quite small. This is mostly due to the rapid growth of these businesses; as a result, they choose to spend their profits to increase further revenues.
  • Growth stocks might grow more quickly because they are more competitive than other businesses in their industry or subsector. They have a strong USP (Unique Selling Point) due to their competitive advantage, which enables them to outsell and outperform their rivals in terms of sales and growth.

Which are the best long-term growth stocks to invest in?

Before understanding which the best long-term growth stocks to invest in, it is crucial to understand what to look for when finding a growth stock. 

  • Higher Profit and Revenue 

When selecting growth stocks, one must look into their profitability and growth. Growth companies provide higher profit margins and revenue growth over a prolonged period. 

  • Higher Price Multiples  

Growth stocks often trade higher price multiples and valuations than their rivals, which is justifiable given the superior returns these businesses provide. Among other ratios, price measurements include P/E, P/B, and EV/EBITDA. 

  • Higher ROE

When identifying growth stocks, it is crucial to gauge their ROE (return on equity). Usually, a company with a greater ROE than its rivals does a better job of turning capital into profits and expanding those earnings.

Now, below are some of the top long-term growth stocks in India. 

S. No. Name Mar Cap (Cr). P/E Sales Growth 5Yrs % Profit Growth 5Yrs % ROE 5Yr %
1 H D F C 455677.48 18.86 17.37 15.38 15.01
2 Bajaj Finance 435306.65 43.87 25.98 30.86 17.67
3 Adani Total Gas 417971.82 862.6 22.82 28.91 26
4 Adani Transmission 371732.36 432.47 31.38 23.67 19.28
5 Titan Company 243391.01 76.87 16.78 23.4 22.36
6 JSW Steel 171622.65 22.75 21.36 43 25.01
7 Divi’s Lab. 90645.57 30.29 17.13 22.78 22.4
8 Adani Wilmar 88898.02 127.69 17.91 29.12 19.25
9 L & T Infotech 85241.77 33.27 19.24 19.15 30.54
10 Havells India 77214.19 70.94 17.86 16.1 19.98

Source: Screener  

As seen in the table, the stocks selected have good profit and sales growth from the last five years. They have also offered a good ROE over the last five years. 


Growth stocks are excellent investment choices for people ready to accept reasonable risks and want higher returns on their money over the long run. Although long-term investments outperform other investments by a wide margin, investors must not overspend their investing budget hastily.

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