What Different Types of Office Chairs are there?

Now that you clearly understand what to consider before buy office chairs online, the time has come to look at the different types available.

While many traditional types of office chairs have been modernized for a contemporary look and feel, there is a range of new and stylish office chairs to choose from.

Just remember that each type of chair has its advantages and drawbacks that you have to take into account before making your decision on the best office chair to buy.

Executive Office Chairs

The most luxurious office chair options available – executive office chairs – usually come in genuine or imitation leather, providing exquisite padding for all-day comfort.

Executive office chairs provide a gentle and stylish look while maintaining office dynamics, thanks to a set of sturdy wheels and a relatively quiet swivel seat. Almost all models come with an excellent range of height adjustments, and the supportive quality of their padding provides full working convenience.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

An ergonomic office chair is the most helpful and comfortable office chair available.

They may not see it with their sometimes strange designs and mesh backs, but these types of office chairs offer a level of comfort that can compete with executive models while ensuring great posture and back support throughout the day.

The best ergonomic chairs offer users:

  • An adjustable seat
  • An adjustable backrest height
  • Varied seat-depth options
  • A range of lumbar support
  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • A range of tilt levels
  • Consistent head and neck support.

If you and your employees sit long at a time, these chairs are a must-have, and they are a very stylish office chairs for a modern workplace.

Bariatric Office Chairs

One of the more unique chair types, a bariatric office chair is a seat specifically designed to meet the needs of large and tall workers.

As we have repeatedly mentioned, everyone needs an office chair. Bariatric office chairs come with a range of adjustable ergonomic elements, meaning they can accommodate all body types, and their padding is arranged to provide maximum comfort over the long term.

Operator and Task Chairs

Operator office chairs, also called task chairs, are classic office chairs but brought into modern times. Slim-down and simplified, the work chairs still offer good padding and support with a diverse range of adjustment options and style options. If you want the largest range of possible office chair options, look no further than the operator chair. However, be sure to thoroughly research your chosen model by looking at reviews to ensure you buy a reputable, long-lasting design.

Draughtsman Chairs

Draftsman chairs are another unusual chair type. They can be tall, simple stool models or lower bowl-shaped seats. They get their name from the type of chair commonly used on drawing boards or drawing tables. Equally popular with creative and traditional office workers, a draftsman chair is exactly the kind of chair you need if you plan to move more during the day or work at a long desk. Ideal to use in conjunction with a standing desk, many models now come with armrests and padding suitable for the lower back to encourage good posture, with bonuses such as:

  • An extensive range of height adjustment options
  • Long chair legs for additional height
  • Well-positioned foot bars to support your feet

Boardroom Chairs

A boardroom is not just a meeting room. This is the room where only the most important meetings take place. This is where you talk to shareholders and potential customers.

Taking inspiration from both ergonomic and task chairs, boardroom office chairs can be accommodated for all users while offering consistent support through extended meetings. They are also quite compact, allowing you to accommodate many people in your boardroom without taking up excessive space. Boardroom chairs are ideal for meeting room environments where you are likely to sit still but not lend yourself well for extended periods of working. Their potentially expensive nature also means that you should not invest too much outside the rooms you need them.

Meeting Room Chairs

Basic but essential, meeting room chairs are incredibly simple designs that are perfect for filling those small meeting rooms cheaply. They come in a huge range of finishes, are incredibly practical, and can double as perfect reception chairs as well. Their straightforward style makes them comfortable for those short-term meetings, and their range of aesthetic options means you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the one that suits your office space. However, the meeting room chair is no substitute for a real office chair and should be used sparingly at the desk.

Mesh Office Chairs

Breathable, flexible, and very ergonomic, it’s an affordable way to buy an ergonomic chair with all the best features without increasing your budget.

Often replacing the solid backrest, a mesh option makes your chair lighter and provides good air circulation, yet gives very good back support. Mesh chairs are exactly the kind of stylish office chair that fits into a contemporary office, and their minimally compact nature makes them adaptable to smaller workspaces.

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Leather Office Chairs

If you have a more traditional office aesthetic and a larger budget, leather office chairs can enhance the feeling of elegance and exclusivity. They are durable, long-lasting, and very easy to clean, allowing you to work in comfort and style. Just remember that their generally large size can make them unwieldy in environments with heavy desks.

Our Expert Opinion

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