Universities of The Future Are Already Here

The exponential growth of technology and the explosion of a new approach to pedagogy.

Universities are beginning to look to the future

The exponential growth of technology and the explosion of a new approach to pedagogy. The world has changed, and universities are beginning to look to the future.

When we look back at this historical period from the first booming computer companies in the late 1970s and the global economic slowdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In about half a century, technology has driven progress that humanity has arguably not known since the discovery of fire caused an absolute disruption in the lives of the first human communities.

As if it were the first sequences of “2001, A Space Odyssey” (1968, Stanley Kubrick), technology has altered our daily lives, leisure time, work and even how we relate to each other. In short: technology has changed the world we live in and is taking us by the hand towards a future that we can only glimpse.

New technologies are also opening up unknown fields

The Polytechnic University of Valencia, for example, offers a degree in Design and Creative Technologies aimed at training future professionals in the cultural industry because new technologies are also opening up unknown fields such as augmented reality, 3D creation, digital animation, etc.

The Carlos III University of Madrid offers a degree in Information and Digital Content Management aimed at the management of virtual communities and the study of how content moves throughout the network or how to learn to move it. The possibilities of finding work in companies that need to understand these flows, in the way of directing advertising campaigns or reading the tastes of the public through the management of these communities is as attractive for learning as it is interesting when it comes to finding a job in the ever-competitive labor market.

Many centers already offer degrees for the knowledge and development of research in Data Science with special mention to Big Data and also in robotics or electronics but, again, the specialties themselves, still in the development stages of their full potential, are beginning to include more and more cutting-edge technology, since our capacity for reindustrialization, for example, will depend on their knowledge in the future.

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The impact of these new technologies has been palpable since the first steps were taken in the field of e-learning. It based on the incorporation of programs for learning through the computer. And has been growing until the incorporation of tablets and cell phones. 

Knowledge is more liquid and moves between fields that no longer know the boundary between science and studies. That is to say, that each university should be able to provide each student with access to the knowledge. Necessary to optimally develop his or her functions, whether he or she is a teacher or a student. Little by little, we are moving towards higher education centers that are increasingly efficient and committed to channeling new advances. Putting them into practice and meeting the needs of society, both in the field of training new professionals

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