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Upgrade Your Flooring with Vinyl Wood Plank

If you’re a do-it-yourself type of homeowner who is reflecting on how wood flooring can be great for your home, then installing vinyl wood plank floors can be a good option. These floors are a great choice to solid wood flooring due to their ease of installation, the look of real wood they provide, and the considerable cost savings they offer over solid wood floors.

There are quite a few advantages if you decide on installing wood vinyl plank floors for your home.

Cost Savings

The cost savings of vinyl wood flooring in contrast to solid wood flooring is clearly a factor one just can’t ignore. Today, companies use the latest tools and technology in producing incredibly realistic-looking wood floors out of vinyl material. They’ve advanced their ability to mimic varied species in countless colours and stain variations.

Easy Maintenance

Talking about the next aspect of vinyl wood flooring that makes it attractive to homeowners is the ease of maintaining it. A simple, damp mop with an all-purpose cleaner is all that’s involved in cleaning these floors.

Easy Installation

But a fact not to forget about wood vinyl flooring, which makes homeowners go for it is the ease with which these floors are installed. Just what you need to install these floors is a utility knife with a sharp blade and a tape measure.

When choosing to install these floors it’s important to know that they can be installed over both a concrete and wood sub-floor. However, the vinyl flooring can be installed properly, only if the subfloor is smooth. Here the main requirements are some dash patching or self-levelling compounds for concrete subfloors that have generous depressions or cracks.

Another recommendation is to seal the concrete subfloor for protection against moisture, before installing a wood vinyl floor. Over time too much moisture can cause bubbles to form in the vinyl flooring.

Unlike wood flooring, with vinyl wood plank floors there is no need for a mitre saw to accomplish the cuts around the room. The vinyl material allows planks to be cut to size with just a good utility knife and a precision tape measure. For amateur handymen, these vinyl floors in an Entrance Hall, Kitchen, or even Bathroom can be a fantastic first project to handle.


The Nutshell

When it comes to installing the vinyl plank all one needs to do is peel off the protective paper and firmly press the plank in place. For vinyl flooring that comes without a pre-applied adhesive backing, there are a variety of floor glues available on the market that can be substituted otherwise. It’s little wonder with installation aspects such as these, along with the overall low cost of vinyl flooring, why these floors are so attractive to the average homeowner. In the present world, consumers have countless options in styles and colours to choose from, when they plan to install vinyl wood plank floors. Moreover, since it’s so easy to install and involves the use of very few tools, even a novice do-it-yourself homeowner may be able to install a wood vinyl plank floor with great results.

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