Exquisite Art: High-Quality Canvas Prints for Your Home

quality canvas prints

In 1991, Jack Duganne, a printmaker, searched all over for an exact word to describe his new digital printing process, and he conjured up Giclée, pronounced as zhee-KLAY. This French word means “nozzle” and the verb form “gicler” implies squirt.

To say that Giclée is a hi-tech reproduction, or even characterize that it is accomplished in ultra-high resolution and high fidelity; just does not surely paint a picture on the canvas of the mind, of what Giclée is! And, no one will completely understand, until they see one. Giclée, the crown of modern art print technology, allows for reproducing an artist’s original work so well that it is impossible to distinguish it from the original.

Giclée Prints Showcased In Art Galleries

They does not inlay mechanical dots as traditional printing methods do. This means, there are no dot patterns seen. High-end Giclée images reliably reproduce all the beautiful tones and hues that the artist originally produced. A Giclée printer squirts out an ever-flowing tone of more than 4 million microscopic droplets of ink per second, on canvas; the output in the form of high-quality canvas prints may usually be found in art galleries, museums, and photo galleries.

In its infancy, an IRIS ink-jet printer which was, capable of churning out millions of colors using continuous-tone technology was employed. But modern technology far surpasses older machines. These days large production Giclée printers are manufactured by HP, Epson, Canon, and others. But no “desktop” models are available, so you still have, to go to a specialist to get a Giclée done.

Giclée Uses Nearly Any Media

One of the most interesting characteristics of Giclée is that nearly any media from acid-free watercolor paper and canvas to, vinyl or transparent acetates can be used. In place of dyes, pigment inks are used to churn out enduring high-resolution continuous tone prints; with a more brighter and accurate look than the traditional print processes could generate.

Under ordinary conditions, if archival inks and materials are used, the Giclée quality canvas prints should last from sixty to two-hundred years, according to the existent environment of the displayed print. By all means, hanging a print in direct sunlight isn’t recommended. Many companies place a layer of anti-fade UV protection over the print for its long life.

Many modern artists paint digitally so no physical work is there to hang on a wall. Some artists utilize digital scans of their physical artwork for creating reproductions of their work. Giclée handles both formats by building a new reproduction medium for artists and art lovers.

Each piece is singly produced, which means an artist is not obligated to make a specific number of prints. They can go for producing only one if they wish.

The Sum Up

You need not be an artist to assemble gorgeous high-quality art prints from your photos of people, places, pets, and vacation memories. In a concise time span, and without involving huge up-front costs; through high-resolution scans or your own high-resolution digital photos, Giclée quality canvas prints can be produced; for your home’s living room or for gifts for special people in your life.


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