What brand of children’s toys is good

How to choose wooden toys? What brand of children's toys is good

How to choose wooden toys? What brand of children’s toys is good

Toys of different textures will bring different feelings to the baby. But as long as it is age-appropriate, educational, and safe, it is a good toy. Parents deeply love wooden toys because of the natural nature of the material, but there are still many things parents need to know to buy good wooden toys. Follow the editor to take a look Baby Toys in Pakistan.

To see if there is a smell

Ordinary wooden toys have more or less the smell of wood itself. If the scent is too strong, it means that the plastic packaging of the toy is too strict or there is something wrong with the paint on the toy’s surface. If the plastic packaging is too tight and the toy smells

You need to put the toy in a calm and ventilated place for 2-3 days to solve the smell problem. Under normal circumstances, as long as it is a toy paint purchased from a regular channel, there should be no problem Beehive Toys Discount Code NHS.

Whether the surface is smooth and burr-free

Most wooden toys are handmade, so the smoother the toy’s surface, the finer the artistry. Parents should choose toys with a smooth texture and no burrs to prevent the baby from being stuck by burrs while playing.

Toy Material

Generally, the materials used in wooden toys are roughly divided into three categories one is imported rubber wood, beech, etc. This kind of wood has a fine texture, good hand feeling, and durability, but the relative price is higher than ordinary toys. One is basswood, pine, etc. This kind of wood has a beautiful texture and light hand feeling and is mainly used in general toys. One category is splint toys, which are generally suitable for making puzzles or plane toys. Parents can choose appropriate wooden toys according to their preferences.

View age group

Each toy has a suggested age for young children, so parents should choose toys that are appropriate for their child’s age group. Babies under 3 have poor self-protection awareness and tend to put toys in their mouths or nostrils. Therefore, when purchasing toys, you should choose toys with giant building blocks, simple shapes, and smooth surfaces; babies over three years old have a richer sensory experiences. Safety awareness is relatively increased, and parents can choose more sophisticated toys.

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Wooden Toy Maintenance Tips

Many children’s toys are made of wood, and Yunlehui has many wooden toys, especially building blocks. Many parents buy these kinds of educational toys for their children! However,  cannot be washed with water like different toys. What issues should parents pay attention to in the maintenance of wooden toys? I have summarized some tips for the care of wooden toys for everyone, and I hope everyone can learn together.

What Wooden Toy Cleaning Can’t Do

  1. Do not wash with water: Because of the material, wooden toys will swell and deform when exposed to water. It is not conducive to the baby’s future play.
  2. Parents will wipe with alcohol and wet wipes when disinfecting toys. But wooden toys are not allowed.

What can wooden toy cleaning do?

Wipe with a clean cloth: don’t use too much force to avoid rubbing off the illustrations on the blocks.

Drying: Wooden building blocks are prone to mold after exposure to moisture, so wooden toys should be placed in a ventilated place immediately after children have finished playing. When the sun is good, they should be placed on the balcony to dry well.

Buying Wooden Toys Guide

  • Wooden toys, as the name suggests, are made of wood.
  • They are divided into: pure wooden toys, synthetic , wooden auxiliary toys, and so on.
  • Pure wooden toys, such as hand-carved products.
  • Synthesis of wooden toys, such as plywood puzzles.
  • Wooden auxiliary toys, such as wooden inertia car


  1. Touch the toy with your hands; it should feel delicate, without burrs, sharp corners, and fine wood.
  2. Put the toy under your nose and smell it. If it smells, the toy may be painted with unsafe paint, or it may not be a natural wooden toy.
  3. Wipe the toy vigorously with a paper towel, white cloth, handkerchief, etc. There should be no paint on it.
  4. For those babies who like to stuff toys into their mouths, the toy parts should not be too small so as not to cause harm to the baby if they are swallowed by mistake or stuffed into the nostrils, ears, and other parts.
  5. The toy parts should not be too big or too heavy, lest the baby is inconvenient to grasp and accidentally hurt himself.
  6. The wood chips used to make toys must have a certain thickness and are not easy to break or break.
  7. Shake the toy by hand to check whether all parts of the toy are firm and will not fall off.
  8. For toys with ropes, the rope should not exceed 30 cm.
  9. When choosing a sounding toy, listen to whether its sound is too loud or unpleasant.
  10. Pay attention to choosing toys with flat surfaces, no “gulls” or gaps, and easier to clean.

The development history of wooden toys.

Wooden toys in ancient times were single wooden toys, and modern are all different levels of functional and other materials and processes so as to achieve the diversification and multi-functionality of the toy functions.

Wooden toys are a major category in the toy category, with a long history. Have a unique cultural ideology in Europe and the United States at each stage of the historical development of developed countries in Europe and America. In the history of their respective countries, German Making toys is the earliest and most famous.

In ancient times in Germany, there was a belt lathe.  were processed on a belt lathe and then polished by hand. The size of these wooden toys ranges from a few feet to very large toys. These toys The most representative work is Maya’s Ark.

In Philadelphia, there was a man named Alber, who was a German. He immigrated to the United States in 1872. He began to make wooden horse toys for circuses. The wooden horses he made were flexible and lifelike. It was used by many circuses, and it can still be seen until now. It was a very popular Trojan horse at that time.

Later, the circus installed four wheels on the wooden horse, which became the prototype of the ancient carriage.

Inspired by wooden horses, wooden trains, wooden cars, wooden ships, and wooden tractors appeared one after another in the manufacture of wooden toys in the future. Up to now, wooden airplanes have become children’s favorite toys. Yes, it can be seen from this point that  not only have a long history and cultural connotation, but also have the flavor of the times.


Among other wooden toys, stilts and spinning tops are also favorite toys for children. Stilts are very simple , entertaining and entertaining. Spinning tops are the simplest  with practical manufacturing techniques, but they are most widely used among children. When I was young, I played tops on the ice. When the tops were spinning, I learned the principles of mechanics, acceleration and other knowledge. It can be said that wooden toys play an important role in the development of people’s intelligence Smyths Toys Discount Code NHS .

In our country, wooden toys have a longer history. In the famous Huarong Road in ancient times, they always played with them when they were young. It is very important to understand the role of each character, their skills and the skills of fighting with each other. After that appeared. Toy building blocks, in the process of building blocks The principles of they will not fall if they are built well. They will fall down. This may have developed many architectural designers, so toys are human enlightenment. The intelligence is always the same, and children who play well will have outstanding intelligence, which also gives toy manufacturers a glorious responsibility.

Wooden toys generally have natural, abstract and artistic forms in form. The natural form expresses the essence of the toy, giving comfort to the soul, while the abstract form expresses the intellectual factors of the toy, giving people infinite reverie. The form of art expresses the appreciation factor of the toy, giving people a sense of beauty. When a person is in a depressed mood if he appreciates a big and stupid toy he will suffer even more. At this time, if he appreciates a toy with bright colors, elegant appearance and looks happy, his mood will be very different.

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