What do you know about maintaining the epoxy resin table?

What do you know about maintaining the epoxy resin table?

Epoxy resin table is highly known for its extraordinary durability and then its ability in order to protect the surface from scratches and stains. As with proper maintenance, an epoxy coating will last for years and then maintain your tabletop surfaces in excellent condition. An epoxy resin table is good for use in various places, specifically in the restaurant area. It will act as a good choice to place food and also gives unique infrastructure. Below are some more tips for maintaining your resin table and then increasing it. In order to know the tips, refer to the below article and gain more data.

Handle the surface with care

After manufacturing the epoxy resin table top, it may generally take 72 hours to cure. Then the most important to consider is that epoxy does not cure 100%; it may take two months to cure fully. Over time, you must avoid placing the hot items on the epoxy table surface, which may leave an imprint on the surface. Therefore, it is highly better to utilize coasters and placement still the epoxy and get fully cured. When it comes to cleaning the epoxy table top, you should avoid the use of high-chemical cleaners, and this is why it will dull the shine after some time. Also, you need not use polishes that have wax as the main ingredient.

Clean the epoxy table top regularly

If you want to maintain your tabletop as shin, you have to clean the tabletop on a regular basis. When it comes to cleaning, you may use soap, warm water, a sponge, and so more. In addition, there are two things you have to keep in mind while cleaning the epoxy top. The first thing, you have to avoid the harsh chemicals that will dull the shine; wherein you have to use something that is stronger than the soap, you have to use a diluted solution. Please do not use it directly on the top, leading to various issues. Second, you should refrain from using steel scrubbers to clean the table top for the first few months. It would be best to consider a sponge or a soft cloth to clean the surface.

Avoid exposing the table top to extreme heat

After the table top is fully cured, the resin table in Toronto can withstand the highest temperature of 135 degrees F. It indicates that you may easily place hot food, beverages, and stuff on the epoxy table top. You may easily serve the freshly prepared food on the epoxy table once it gets fully cured, giving the user the best aid. Hot-served food on the table does not damage your surface so it will give better aid. When it comes to using the table, the main thing should not expose the table top to a temperature higher than 135 degrees F. For instance, placing a hot frying pan on the table will soften the epoxy and affect its durability.

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