Why is it preferable to enrol your child in a CBSE school in Abu Dhabi?

CBSE school in Abu Dhabi

Parents naturally want the best for their children to ensure that they have a bright future. Earlier, there were few options, and parents usually chose the state syllabus. The ones holding transferable jobs enrolled their wards in the national syllabus.

However, nowadays, parents have greater awareness regarding the differences between the various education boards. They can use this information judiciously while deciding which will be the best Indian school for their child in Abu Dhabi. 

Let’s examine why the CBSE is the board of choice when seeking an Abu Dhabi Indian school admission.

CBSE Board

It is the national board of India and also enjoys international popularity. There are over 24,000 CBSE Schools in India and 240 in 26 foreign countries. 

Benefits of the CBSE Curriculum

  • The key benefit of CBSE is that it prepares students for competitive examinations like IIT and AIEEE, as the curriculum is similar. 
  • Students can pursue higher education at any institution, nationally or internationally, as the CBSE has an internationally acclaimed curriculum. 
  • NCERT’s syllabus is used in all CBSE-affiliated schools. NCERT books cover all topics in simple and easy language and save time in exam preparation. This approach helps students clear their concepts and quickly understand intricate and complex topics and subjects.
  • CBSE curriculum focuses on skill development
  • The board prepares the syllabus for schools affiliated with it from Class 1 to 12.
  • CBSE examinations are more application-based
  • The CBSE syllabus is considered to be intensive.

Why select the CBSE board?

  • It focuses on the complete development of a child’s personality and intellect. 
  • It lays the foundation for the cultural growth of a child.
  • The curriculum is designed to be interactive and student-friendly.
  • Students will never be pressured to pick one particular stream. They will be given ample opportunities to pick streams they prefer and learn to make their dreams come true. 
  • It encourages students to look beyond books and to take an equal interest in sports and extracurriculars as much as in academics which opens more avenues for the students.


CBSE has been adopting ways to regularly train teachers in different methodologies to stay updated with the latest trends and upgrade their skills to improve teaching students. The board uses the latest technological tools to make teaching and learning interesting. Theoretical knowledge is outdated; the board is now focusing on developing critical thinking skills. 

It is also considered more flexible than other boards because it promotes customisation when picking a few additional subjects from Grade VIII to XII, whether in language or any other subject. E.g., if a student wants to pursue Arts or Humanities along with Maths as an additional subject, they can, as CBSE allows, that sort of pick-and-choose combination option.

CBSE School in Abu Dhabi

While international education is inarguably expensive, it is affordable in the United Arab Emirates compared to other countries.

Being a global economic powerhouse, it offers ex-pats excellent job opportunities and high salaries. So if you are among the ex-pats planning to shift to the UAE, then you do not have to worry about your child’s education, as many best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi provide the CBSE curriculum.

While the syllabus is essential for the children to get the proper education and development of skills, selecting the right CBSE School where teachers are more interested in teaching the kids is equally important. As good teachers can help students get the concepts clear and help them to grow and develop overall, you must find what is best for your child.

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