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A Shopify Development Company and CRO: How It Works

There are nearly 4 and a half million eCommerce websites built on the Shopify platform. It’s safe to say it’s a solid bet for building an online store.

With that said, success is not baked into any platform. It’s all about how the business is run and what sort of UX the website offers.

So let’s look at how a Shopify development company can help improve your website’s UX through conversion rate optimization, or CRO.

What Is CRO?

First off, what is CRO?

CRO, better known as conversion rate optimization, is the process of optimizing landing pages to encourage conversions.

Conversion rate is given by the total number of visitors to a website divided by the number of visitors that take a desired action. The average conversion rate for all pages is somewhere around 2%.

Basically, anything that can be adjusted on an eCommerce website to improve conversion rates can be lumped under CRO.

There are a number of ways a website can be optimized for conversions and a number of pages on the website that can be optimized, including the homepage, blog, and landing pages.

Approaches you can take to improve conversion rates include improving web page load speeds, improving navigability, improving the succinctness of copy, and much more.

A Shopify web development team can help with that.

How Can a Shopify Development Company Help?

There are a number of ways that a Shopify development company can improve its clients pages for conversions:

  • Developing custom apps that can improve the customer experience or journey.
  • Improving website speed and security to improve the customer experience.
  • Integrating existing third-party apps within Shopify’s API.
  • Developing or integrating custom themes that better reflect the business’s brand.
  • Emphasizing product links, callouts, or specials.
  • Incorporating chatbots that help manage customer concerns in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Updating CMS pages and checkout pages with contact information to help address customer concerns.
  • Creating forms that can capture customer contact information (like email addresses) that can be used for remarketing purposes.
  • Integrating social media icons that encourage visitors to follow, increasing engagement and customer lifetime value.
  • Inserting calls to action on the blog or landing pages.
  • Developing forms and other lead-capturing devices and embedding them into a Shopify website’s blog to capture followers/subscribers/readers.
  • Eliminating bugs from any affected pages.
  • Creating and integrating free resources on landing pages, such as videos or tools, that customers can use to help them make purchasing decisions.
  • Running A/B testing on changes made on the website so ongoing optimizations can be made.
  • Updating the blog, CMS, product and category pages with calls-to-action (CTAs) or urgency plays.
  • Creating retargeting plans to help reach back out to visitors that have previously been to your website.
  • Optimizing older pages to refresh them and bump them to the tops of the organic search engine results pages.

These are just a few of the many efforts that a qualified Shopify development company can help your eCommerce business implement.

For more information, get in touch with an experienced development agency and let them know about your goals.

Their insight might be something refreshingly unique.

Hire a Qualified Shopify Development Company

But, to get there, you will need to hire a qualified Shopify development company in the first place.

One of our best recommendations is to look into 1Digital Agency (

Not only do they offer Shopify development services, but they also offer conversion rate optimization services.

They have a ten-year history of delivering for their customers, and their client portfolio is proof of that. Check it via the previous link for more information.

And then get in touch with them at 888-982-8269 for more information.

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