Abortion Pills in Al-Ain And It’s Legal Status, UAE

Abortion Pills And Legal Status in Al-Ain, UAE is very strict these days. Because it’s openly illegal activity. Depending on the time and place, the struggle for access to abortion has ranged from legal complaints to laws and guarantees of abortion services. Because of the sensitive nature of the abortion issue, and the different approaches of individuals and communities, the fight for access to abortion is often two-pronged. 

Misuse Of Freedom Of Action:

Abortion Pills in Al-Ain are available only for those whose physical conditions is not good. In the same way, people say that freedom and freedom of action, without the help of the state in their choice of abortion, therefore, the freedom to give birth is personal, in the name of the right to freedom and it is the right to personal and family life. But on the other hand, we say that some intervention by the state guarantees that this opportunity is effective and practical, in the name of the right to life.

Legal Status Of Abortion And Abortion Pills in Al-Ain:

From the beginning, it should be made clear that only the UAE law does establish a balance between the right to health and life of women and that of the child. In this sense, it is very different from the other countries laws, which supports the right to life of the fetus equal to that of a woman, in its own legal framework. 

On the contrary, it is more positive, it makes a trade-off between the right of a woman to be able to access this system and between the rights of those who provide this service and the right of the life of a child may have to be. protected. In fact, it makes it possible to demolish the conscientious objectors and reduce the debate to the social level, and not to establish the protection of the right to life of the fetus in the law country, which, the international community can appreciate. and often criticized for being disproportionate and unreasonable see especially the issue of the son, Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Of course, UAE is not involved in the question of abortion, and it is the absence of these aids that is open to criticism. Legal framework for abortion pills in Al-Ain.

Health Issues Before And After Abortion:

The first can be accessed by women whose conditions such as the continuation of pregnancy, childbirth or childbirth will put their physical or mental health at serious risk, taking into account ‘mental state of their health, their economic situation, social or family relations, of the circumstances of the conception. where, or it is probable that the child will be born with something wrong or wrong. To terminate the pregnancy, the person has the duty to go to a public hearing if he is a local healthcare facility or work of their own choosing. 

Abortion Pills Use When Life in Danger:

Regarding abortion beyond 90 days, it can happen “when pregnancy or childbirth represents a serious threat to the life of a woman”, or such as are associated with great malformations or sufferings of the foetus, have been discovered”.

Decriminalization Of Abortion:

Because of this issue, groups, especially religious ones, believe that the law does not guarantee access to the right to abortion, but only the right of the law, and another word is a violation of the laws. More interestingly, the law also adds consequences, but not the least, to illegal abortions, by imposing penalties for those who have obtained them. Previously provided of AED 51K for women who did not follow the procedure. 

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