Abuse Happens to Women More Frequently Than Men

Sexual assault victim of rape include women. According to the United States, one in four girls will be the victim of sexual abuse prior to the age of 18 and one out of six boys are victims of sexual assault. Therefore, the female population is more likely to develop dependence in response to trauma.

These statistics don’t suggest that men aren’t a in the trap of addiction and resort to alcohol or drugs to cope with sexual abuse. Although their numbers aren’t as impressive than women’s does not mean they aren’t significant. One victim of sexual assault isn’t enough. When you are alchemy health and wellness concerned that someone you know is a victim of sexual abuseregardless of whether they’re female or male — it’s vital to urge them to seek assistance immediately.

Abuse Drugs and Alcohol in Response to a Childhood Trauma

There is a more significant relationship between alcohol use. With women that have suffered the consequences of sexual assault as compared to men in the same scenario. One of the theories behind the reason is that women are more likely to experience trauma more often than men. And thus could be more likely engage in self-destructive behavior such as Women abuse rather than engaging in. However, this isn’t all the time. And it’s crucial to keep in mind that every person is different and could have a unique story, regardless of gender.

It’s important to state this again: Sexual trauma isn’t specifically based on gender. Ten percent of rape victims who are reported are males however. That does not take into account those who remain unreported. In the past there have been many Women individuals. Who have been doubtful of the notion that males can be sexually attacked. They believe that men are tough Dallas health and wellness clinic enough to defend themselves from any attacker. Or to not be coerced into a dangerous situation. Many believe that it’s due to sexual gender. These theories aren’t real.

As women do they can also be spooked or intimidated into accepting sexual actions. Like men, they can also be wounded or even attacked in the course of sexual assault. In the event that you know someone or someone who you care about is victimized by sexual assault regardless of gender. It is crucial to ask for help.

What to Do If You Suspect Abuse

Although substance abuse is usually associated with sexual traumas that have occurred before. We have to take a moment and say this: If you believe that someone is Women currently sexually assaulted. It is also important to encourage the person to seek support from a trained professional. Such as a counselor or therapist, who can help them process their experience and provide support in healing from the trauma. Offer to help them find resources and support, and respect their decisions about what steps they want to take.

If you are with the person and it is safe to do so. Try to remove them from the situation and provide a safe place for them. Listen to them and provide emotional support without Women judgment. It is important to let the person know that. What happened is not their fault and that they are not alone.

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